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Why It’s Best: Scalini TT

Silverback TT areodynamics

In a sport where marginal gains are everything and a second can be the difference between winning a losing, it is essential to have the right weapon. The key focus when designing the Scalini was to create an aerodynamic bicycle perfect for triathlons and time trials.

Form: The Scalini has an external fork steerer and an external head tube which allows the frame leading edge to be far more streamlined. Resulting in a smaller frontal area, a more streamlined profile, and ultimately decreased Form Drag on the leading edge.

The stem integrates into the top tube, therefore, reducing the exposed frontal area form drag. To reduce the exposed area, the handlebar clamp has further been streamlined.

Surface: To aid the airflow over the Scalini frame, the tube profiles have a smooth transition at junctions, with no disruptive profiles.

The tube profiles are aerofoil inspired to control the boundary layer separation of the airflow. These aerofoil profiles are especially well suited for their low drag coefficients.

Breaking Through The Air Barrier

Scalini TT: Aerodynamic

Interference: A leading-edge fairing design on the seat tube, controls the airflow around the rear wheel, resulting in reduced interference drag on the rear wheel.

The stem reduces interference drag between the frame and the stem, compared to traditional applications.

The front brake caliper tucks away neatly behind the fork, to reduce the interference drag the component will typically generate when mounted on the front. Similarly, the Scalini’s rear brake caliper tucks away under the bottom bracket, to reduce the interference drag the component will typically generate mounted on the seat stays.

Silverback TT areodynamics
The Scalini Aerodynamic TT bike

Scalini TT Technology highlights:

  • Tilt adjustment for extension bars, 10 ° adjustment.
  • Spring-loaded quick-release on the brake lever
  • Carbon Fibre brake lever blade
  • Stack adjustment of stem and extension bars w/ spacers
  • Top Tube bolt boss for Bento box or water bottle
  • Seat Tube bolt boss for storage case
  • Integrated front brake
  • Aerofoil seat post profile
  • Crank power meter compatible
  • Semi-internal housing allows for relative ease of disassembly for packing.
  • Semi-deep alloy/carbon wheelset, ideal for training purpose
  • Shimano Di2 compatible

The Scalini allows the rider to compete with comfort and confidence in an aerodynamic position, whilst out chasing for that podium spot.

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Silverback Brand ambassador meets fan

Our newly Silverback Brand Ambassador, Chantelle Bosch recently received her brand new Stratos SBC.

Soon after the 2019 Cape Epic, Chantelle decided to start her Cape Epic Journey, “I was told that if I wanted to ride the Epic, I’d need a suitable bike (shock-horror!) My 27.5″ trail bike wasn’t necessarily going to cut it. So I started trialing out a couple of 29″ XC Bikes,” she said.

Her local bike mechanic suggested she takes a Silverback bike out for a ride, “I was dead set against it. I was adamant that I wouldn’t ride a Silverback, but without trying to convince me any further, my local dealer arranged a demo bike from Silverback. My exact words were: “Well I guess the least I could do is try it out seeing as though my cycling hero rides a Silverback,” she adds.

He then asked her who that was, and she said, “Jennie Stenerhag of course”. He said, Chantélle, it’s Jennie’s bike that you’re going to trial.” She was dumbstruck and super excited to get her hands on a pro athlete’s bike.


The Swedish superstar was a winner of the most grueling mountain bike stage race in 2017 and does about 50 race days a year.

Exactly two days later she was riding Jennie’s Silverback SESTA SBC bicycle, “I was instantly in love – not sure whether it was because of her or because of the bike or the fact that I was making a massive jump from a 27.5″ bike with a 2×11 drivetrain group set to a 29″ with a 1×12 drivetrain groupset with all the bells and whistles!  Such a massive difference,” she said excitedly.

After being impressed with her new wheels, she rode a 2-day MTB stage race. At the same time, she met Joanna Dobinson, who eats and breathes mountain biking & invited her for some additional training. She also knew Jennie Stenerhag very well.

Weeks later Chantelle went for a training session and her new mountain bike skills coach insisted on going for a coffee that morning.

Silverback Brand ambassador meets fan
Silverback Brand ambassador meets cycling hero

“The next moment, I was speechless – out walks Jennie Stenerhag! I got to meet my cycling hero!! I was like a complete groupie and stumbled over my words! She must still think I’m a lunatic!  But I am forever grateful to Jo for setting up such an amazing surprise! And of course, to Jennie for being so humble, friendly and taking the time to meet me,” she said excitedly.

The Silverback Way

Now Chantelle has joined Jennie Stenerhags coaching classes and is a proud owner of two Silverback Flagship bicycles.

She has now joined Silverback Pilot Program and upgraded to the Silverback Stratos SBC.

“This elevated my motivation to new levels and I now know that I’m on the right track to taking on the mammoth challenge that is Cape Epic 2020”

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How to avoid wrist pain when cycling

As a cyclist wrist pain is one of the most common cycling conditions also known as handlebar palsy. This happens when there is compression of the ulnar nerve which runs to your little finger and ring finger. This can lead to pain, numbness, and tingling, and it can leave your hand feeling weak, making it harder to brake or change gear.

This occurs when riding for many hours at a time. At first, every rider will experience this once in their life, but there are many self-help things you can do to fix this problem.

Here are a few self-help options:

Correct Bike Fit

It is vital to make sure your bicycle is fit to your height. The saddle may be too high which means you will be throwing your weight forward, and/or your handlebars may be to low. You may also put more strain on your wrist if the bike is too big or the top tube is too long. If you feel that your posture is not comfortable you will need to make use of our Find your fit before purchasing your silverback.

Mariske Strauss – “There is a nerve that runs through the base of your palm and if you’re setup is wrong you tend to drop your wrist which puts extra pressure on it which leads to could be the cause of your wrist pain”

Nicola Rohrbach – “It is best to start with specific therapy. Resting is very important and small exercises to build muscle around the wrist area. Lastly, adjustment at the front suspension is very important too.”


Padded bar tape with gel or foam inserts underneath can give added protection from road vibration, another contributing factor in hand pain.


When cycling, your wrists should always be relaxed and not flexed or extended in any form. Try to experiment with which kind of handlebars suit you best to avoid putting a strain on your wrist or hands.


It is very important to have a good riding posture. When riding your bike, bend your elbows slightly and your back should be slightly arched too in order to keep your hands and wrist healthy.


During and after a long ride, take time to stretch out your hands and wrists. This will improve circulation & loosen up muscles, and should help alleviate the effects of long rides.

You can’t overestimate the importance of grip.
Strauss, Mariske, Silverback Racing
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XC Mountain bike - Stratos CF1, carbon, Silverback, asymmetric frame

Bred for the most demanding courses the world over. The Stratos CF 1 was designed from the ground up to trounce any terrain. Asymmetric design dissipates load based on magnitude and position, levitating stresses where it’s most concentrated. Paired with 12-Speed XX1, 100mm Fox 32 SC, and Surface Carbon wheels, it sets the scene for serious racing. Oversized tapered pivot and Burst Flex suspension makes for a stiff, responsive, extremely light and agile race bike. Dropper post compatibility for versatility, nothing will be in the way of your success on-board a Stratos 1.


  • Silverback Asymmetric Stratos Frame, UD CF, Flex Stays, Oversize Pivots. BOOST
  • Fox Performance 32 Float SC Boost, 100mm
  • Surface Carbon rims on Surface straight pull hubs
  • Weight: 11.13kg
XC Mountain bike - Stratos CF1, carbon, asymmetric frame, mountain bike
Nothing will be in the way of your success on-board a Stratos.

The STRATOS CF 1 – The Asymmetric Frame to deal with real-world pedaling & braking forces.

Silverback Stratos CF 1.0 is Asymmetric!

What is Asymmetry? How can Asymmetry be used on a bicycle to make it better? How do we use Asymmetry on our bikes?

The asymmetric design does away with the conventional stigma that a frame must be mirrored from drive side to non-drive side. Silverback Statos models feature a purpose engineered asymmetrical frame.

Nothing in nature is symmetric. Riding forces are not symmetric. Why should your bike be? Silverback Stratos CF 1.0 is Asymmetric!

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The cycling tech trends to look out for in 2020

silverback 2020 vesion

It is time to take the opportunity to reflect on the previous month’s trends and look into the future to see what we have in store for you and the year ahead.

Bike tech will never stand still and that proved to be the case in 2019. The year of the Silverback Stratos CF SBC, the arrival of the Siablo CF, utilizing a brand-new Carbon frame and the launch of the S-Electro Gravel.

What tech trends are set to fly in 2020?

This is what our Product Team has to say:

Our future prediction for the road portfolio is use of tubeless ready tyre and rim setup at OEM specification level. There is a big push from industry to make tubeless ready tyres available throughout the performance hierarchy. Tubeless tyres are lower risk to punctures and can seal a puncture, provided the tyre is not slashed. The tubeless tyres also have lower rolling resistance.ffers better road feedback as there is less rigidity in the system. Eduan – Mechanical Engineer.

2020 is going to be the year where all brands that have been playing catch up will have settled into the new-school geometry trends. With geometry settling in there is going to be a greater consensus amongst bikes, and consumers are going to have more choice than ever. The trick is going lie in the education of the consumers, as we are still seeing customers that believe that bikes with sub-70° head angles can’t climb. Thomas – Engineer.

For the future and next year, there will be a fresh new look and feel with regards to paint finishes on all our bicycles, color combos and graphics that will compliment each induvial frame, components, and accessories.  Craig – Graphic Designer.

Our hope for 2020 is to prove that we are rising to great heights. We choose to be the best and we expect to be the best. We always strive for perfection and our quality is the highest expression of this.

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Why You Are Never Too Old To Ride A E-Bike

Electric Fat Bike - Silverback Bikes

Remember the excitement you had of riding a bicycle as a child? Who said those days are over? Anyone can now enjoy the thrill of riding a bike again with the Silverback Electric bicycle range. The entire S-Electro range features easy-to-use drive systems, so anyone can use it. 

This relatively new platform has given riders with limited capabilities the opportunity to feel healthier and like a kid again. Riders trying out an e-bike for the first time, always come back with a smile on their face, describing the experience as exhilarating and unlike anything they have ridden before.

Recently, we have received an e-bike review from 74-year old Hugh Smith who had just upgraded to the S-Electro Comp. Smith has been dealing with a leg injury for several years now but believes his S-Electro Comp will keep him cycling for many years to come.

74 year old on silverback e bike
74-year old Hugh Smith from the UK

“I am very happy with my choice.” – Hugh Smith

Smith has recently relocated from the U.K. to South Africa. He made the decision to retire together with his wife and wanted to enjoy their journey in a different location. After being a Company Director for about 23 years, it was time to switch off and make a transition.

Happy Days

After being off the bicycle for close to 32-years Smith decided that it was time to enjoy his retirement and get back to his “old ways”.

“I use to ride a lot of motorbikes for pleasure and use to be very active in my younger days,” he adds.

Silverback S-Electro COMP.

So far, he has completed about 400km in under 2 months, “I enjoy the fresh air and to hang out with my S-Electro MTB.

“Doing so improved my health and the quality of life so much,” he elaborates.

E-bikes are especially capturing the older market, many of whom have found that e-bikes enable them to ride much later in life than they previously imagined. That’s because the extra push from the motor makes pedaling far less strenuous than traditional bikes. 

Only a couple of years ago, e-bikes seems to be an unnecessary toy for those too lazy to pedal up the hill. Now, these bikes have become a popular way to speed up your commute, extend your adventures and ultimately get more people on bicycles.

S-Electro Comp brings SB’s Best In Class philosophy to the e-bike market.


Not sure if an e-bike is for you? Read some of our Frequently asked e-bike questions on our BLOG. Find your perfect match HERE

Tell us why you love your e-bike in the comments section below and stand a chance to have your story featured on our blog.

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The Stratos AL Range

The Stratos AL 1

The Stratos Aliminium range is strongly based on this philosophy with profiles favoring strength towards the non-drive side.

Stratos AL is the mountain bike every recreational rider can enjoy. Silverback’s POP geometry makes it a strong climber and a balanced confident descender.

The AL 1.0 is the mountain bike every recreational rider can enjoy. Silverback’s POP geometry makes it a strong climber and a balanced confident descender. The linkage driven asymmetric single-pivot suspension is tuned for optimal small bump sensitivity and big-hit compliance without power delivery penalties. The suspension curve is designed to offer full use of available travel. This is based on the groundbreaking Stratos CF race-machine, but adapted to offer a more capable bike for the everyday rider. Trails, XC or marathon, the Stratos is the right mountain bike for the job.

Read more about the Stratos A.L 1 HERE.

The Stratos AL 2

Mountain Bike Cross Country - Stratos AL2 - Silverback Bikes
Stratos asymmetric Hydro formed 6061 Alloy. 120mm travel, Boost 148mm. tapered headtube.

Read more about the Stratos A.L 2 HERE.

The Stratos AL 3

Mountain Bike Cross Country - Stratos AL3 - Silverback Bikes
Surface 29″ 23mm TR rims on SUNRingle sealed bearing hubs

Read more about the Stratos A.L 3 HERE.

The Stratos AL 5

Mountain Bike Cross Country - Stratos AL5 - Silverback Bikes
New to mountain biking, or first full suspension bike; trails, XC or marathon, the Stratos AL 5.0 is designed to take care of business.

Read more about the Stratos A.L 5 HERE.

#SilverbackStratos #SilverbackBikes

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Sakarya MTB cup XCM Champ

Jennie Stenerhag wins - Silverback Bikes

Silverback rider, Jennie Stenerhag sealed a great victory at the 2019 Sakarya MTB Cup XCO race. The event took place in Turkey on Friday the 13th.

great victory 2019 MTB Cup Sakarya XCO race in Turkey
Jennie Stenerhag sealed a great victory at the 2019 MTB Cup Sakarya XCO race in Turkey!

The race held the men’s and women’s category, where Jennie Stenerhag riding for ABRO in Sweden came first in the Elite women’s category, while Guzel Akhmadullina came second and Esra Akgonul finished third.

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ekrem Yuce handed over the medals to the cyclist who completed the first 3 ranks of the championship.

2019 MTB Cup Sakarya XCO
Jennie Stenerhag crosses the finish line 1st!

“It was a very hard day at the Sakarya mtb cup XCM today, this course will be a proper test for next year’s World Championship. I was exhausted after all the climbing in the heat and very happy to see the finish line,” adds Stenerhag.

“Sending water to Africa on the podium was a new experience,” says Jennie after the race.


Jennie Stenerhag raced the new Stratos SBC as her weapon of choice and is the fastest bike at this bicycle event.

the 2019 MTB Cup Sakarya XCO
The fastest bike at the 2019 MTB Cup Sakarya XCO.

The MTB Cup Sakarya XCO-XCM races are one of the preliminary races of World Mountain Bike Marathon Championship which will be held in 2020. Find out more about the event HERE.

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NEW Video: What is Asymmetry?

What is Asymmetry? -Silverback Bikes

What is asymmetry and how do we use in bike design?

On a bicycle, the drivetrain is on the right side, the brake calipers on the left side, and the suspension (usually) around the centre. When riding, the environment influences the wheels, consequently the suspension and frame. When braking, it inflicts major forces on the left side of the bike, whereas acceleration and pedaling affects the right side of the bike.

Asymmetric design does away with the conventional stigma that a frame drive side should mirror the non-drive side. Reinforcing where it is needed and using less material where it isn’t. Allowing product engineers to create a lighter but stiffer frame.

Asymmetry in action

Our recently released, Statos models is, of course, an excellent example of a purpose engineered asymmetrical frame. Resulting in a unique looking, lightweight XC race machine, strong enough to take on modern XCO and XCM courses. View the full Stratos Range HERE.

Nothing in nature is symmetric, riding forces are not symmetric so why should your bike be? Find out more about asymmetry in bike design by watching our brand new video: What is asymmetry?

Watch the full video: HERE

How can Asymmetry be used on a bicycle to make it better?

#SilverbackStratos #SilverbackBikes #Asymmetry

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Kristina wins Slovakian National XCM MTB Champs

Slovakian National XCM MTB Championships -Silverback Bikes
Second-year on the podium.


Kristina Koscova won The Slovak National MTB Marathon Championships 2019 on Saturday for the second year in a row.

Earning the rights to wear her national colors for the next 12 months again.

“My intention was to defend my title from last year so I could wear the Slovak national Champs jersey for another year. I accomplish the mission,” says Kristina.

Riders fought for the UCI points relevant for the eligibility of the participants in the 2020 Olympics.

XCM MTB Championships.
Slovakian National XCM MTB Championships


Jennie Stenerhag won the 2019 Skaidi Xtreme on Saturday in the Northern regions of Norway.

She finished the 42km MTB race in a time of 2 hours and 44 minutes, 5 minutes ahead of the Olympic mountain bike champion, Gunn-Rite.

Photo by Anders Abrahamsen

“It was probably the longest climb of the course and at the top, we were together. I went full speed on the downhill, since it was so wet and slippery down to the finish area, as we passed for the second time. I was about 20 seconds behind,” adds Jennie.

“Deciding to go very hard for a short bit to try and getaway. It worked, and she let go and I could increase the gap. I didn’t see her anymore. This extend the lead all the time and I finally won by about 5 minutes,” she explained after the race.

Jennie Stenerhag on the Silverback Stratos SBC

“It felt very nice to win this race, it is very special and nowhere else have I done a route like this. It is bumpy all the time and you must be careful not to put your front wheel in a hole or get stuck in the mud, which did happen a few times. This time it was so wet that it made things much worse. It is so incredibly tough, and you work the whole time,” said Stenerhag.

Skaidi Xtreme is not only a MTB race but an experience. A raw, real and untouched terrain grate, in beautiful surroundings.

#SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast