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Swedish XCM title remains with Stenerhag

Silverback Bikes - Jennie Stenerhag - Defended her Swedish National Marathon

Jennie Stenerhag defended her Swedish XCM Title for the seventh consecutive time in Sweden, this past Saturday.

“The weather and the course were to my advantage. It would be over 30 degrees hot and I really like the heat and know that many others don’t,” adds Jennie Stenerhag. Jennie raced the Stratos SBC, our new dual-suspension marathon bike.

racing silverback stratos
Jennie leading the front the ladies race

“I just pushed as hard as I could and I got energy from not hearing a cyclist behind me anymore,” says Jennie.

 “I was overjoyed to be able to keep racing in my blue and yellow kit for another year,”

Stenerhag will now turn her focus to yet another Swedish race, the CykelVasan XCM race on the 10th of August in Sweden.

In Czech Republic:

Kristina Koscova, Silverback Ambassador finished third at the European Masters XCO Championships in Brno, Czech Republic.

“I raced on my Superspeed 1.0 hardtail. It never lets me down” says Koscova.

 “The technical, bumpy and hilly course got even harder when the temperature hit 36°C. I fought hard until the end, adds Kristina.

Kristina Koscova, Silverback Ambassador finished third at the European Masters XCO Championships
Kristina Koscova, Silverback Ambassador finished third at the European Masters XCO Championships

Missed Jennie’s previous Swedish XCM results? Catch up HERE.

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Silverback racing 2019 UCI World Cup

Mariske Strauss racing UCI World Cup - Silverback Bikes


It’s time to look forward to another great year of racing with the 2019 World Cup Season. With it being an Olympic year in 2020, the UCI has been quick to firm the calendar up for that year.

2020 UCI Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Championship presented by Mercedes-Benz in Albstadt

The countdown for the 2020 UCI World Cup Mountain Bike Cross-Country presented by Mercedes-Benz is underway. In the city administration, the Skyder Track & Event Company and the RSG Zollernalb and many other clubs to set the course. And you do that with a certain pride. 

For 2019, the MTB World Cup extends to eight locations for the downhillers. This includes a new location in the United States, with the introduction of a round in Snowshoe, West Virginia, where the cross-country classes will also be racing. The XCO World Cup sticks to seven rounds for 2019 however.

The World Cup is an exciting period for all riders across the world.

Follow #SilverbackRacing Swiss rider Nicola Rohrbach & South Africa’s very own Mariske Strauss as they take on another year of exhilarating UCI World Cup.

UCI World Cup Racing
Silverback Components at UCI World cup races

UCI World Cup calendar

  • May 18– 19: (XCO/XCC) Albstadt, Germany
  • May 25–26: (XCO/XCC) Nové Mesto, Czech Republic
  • June 8–9: (DH) Leogang, Austria
  • July 6–7: (DH/XCO/XCC) Vallnord, Andorra
  • July 13–14: (XCO/XCC/DH) Les Gets, France
  • August 3–4: (XCO/XCC/DH) Val di Sole, Italy
  • August 10–11: (XCO/XCC/DH) Lenzerheide, Switzerland

    Find Out More: CLICK HERE
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Brand ambassador, Cornel in the USA

Cornel Swanepoel sitting next to his Silverback bike

Get to know the Night Harvest best trick winner, Cornel Swanepoel.

How did you get into mountain biking?

Since I was a small boy. I always liked riding bikes. As I got older a few friends and I started riding together and started doing jumps with the bicycles. The more we did it, the more I liked riding and ever since then I just always wanted to progress and get better and I just never want to stop. Being a Silverback ambassador is a dream come true.

Which Silverback are you riding now?

I am riding the Silverback SCHULLY PROTOTYPE Dirt Jump Bike and the Silverback SLIDER LT 1.

Cornel doing wheelies
Cornel doing wheelies on his Slider LT 1 bike on the rooftop in The Dalles, Oregon.

Mention all the trails you experienced in the states while being a Silverback Brand Ambassador.

Post canyon – My favorite. Over 40 miles of trails and single tracks and jumps waiting to be ridden.

Syncline trial in Washington – Singletrack with a good rocky ride down one of the hills.

Eagle caves – It’s super fun single-track riding waiting up the cliffs in The Dalles, Oregon.

Cornel at the top of the Syncline Trailhead.
Brand Ambassador, at the top of the Syncline Trailhead.

Do you have a job outside mountain biking?

I have a full-time Job as a Boilermaker. I work at HG Molenaar in South Africa. It’s a food and beverage engineering company.

What are your strengths?

I learn quickly when I see how it works. Always full of energy and keen to do anything adventurous.

What is your weakness?

Spiders and not enough riding bikes.

What has been your worst crash over the years?

I was riding at my local spot. I did a No Foot can over one jump. Ended up crashing hitting my head quite hard and woke up in the hospital a couple of hours later.

Cornel Swanepoel sitting next to his Silverback bike
Taking in the breathtaking views with his Slider LT

Has trail riding and your dirt jumping been your first choice?

Used to be just normal but MTB riding when I was really young. When I started dirt jumping it all changed to Dirt jumping. Dirt jumping is my first choice!

How hard is it to compete in this discipline?

I’d say it is really hard. It doesn’t matter how hard you train. Anything can go wrong anytime and the whole event can be spoiled.

What new tricks are you working on?

I’m focusing more on combination tricks at this moment. A couple of 360 variations. 360 tail whip, really want my 360 tuck no handers dialed. 360 tobaggon. Backflip barspin and Backflip tailwhip.

Which part of your plans worked out the best and what was the biggest surprise that you didn’t even notice when you were going in?

Definitely a highlight and a top point of my riding career. 2019 Night Harvest when I attempted a 720 I only landed once in my life. I rolled in and landed the 720 perfect at The Night Harvest ended up winning the Best Trick.

What is your favorite non-bike website?


What is your favorite motto or saying?

Send It!

What makes you happy?

I love it to see people smile or laugh or if I can make people smile or laugh.

What is your favorite bike at Silverback now?

Really difficult. I love my Silverback SCHULLY PROTOTYPE jump bike the most, but my SLIDER LT 1 is just as amazing.

Plans for the future?

I would love to move to Europe or Canada to ride a bike or travel the world with my bike. Even just finding a job in either of these countries I would move and use every opportunity to ride a bike as much as I can and explore the world as much I can.

#SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast

Become a Silverback ambassador, read more HERE.

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Jennie Stenerhag finishes with bronze | Mariske Strauss finishes 13th

Jennie Stenerhag on the podium

Swedish Silverback rider, riding for ABRO in Sweden received bronze at the European XCM Champs

IN NORWAY: European XCM Champs

Swedish Silverback rider, riding for ABRO in Sweden received bronze at the European XCM Champs in Norway yesterday.

“It has been a hard race. I lost contact with the first 3 and managed to work my way back. There were 4 of us approaching the finish,” says Jennie.

“I’m very happy with my medal, the goal was always to take a medal at the European champs, and I managed that,” adds Jennie.

The taste of progress and success with Team Silverback Racing was sweet. We celebrate and suffer.

Previously, we caught up with Jennie before the event to find out how she prepares: READ MORE

Jennie Stenerhag, European XCM Camps, Norway
Jennie Stenerhag, European XCM Camps, Norway

UCI MTB World Cup Andorra

Mariske Strauss gets her best results yet by finishing 13th in the elite women’s cross-country Olympic race at the UCI MTB World Cup in Andorra on Sunday the 8th of July.

The race consists of six laps.

“I am soooooo amped and excited for the next round!! Time to celebrate cause I cracked Top 15 ” adds Silverback racing rider.”

Mariske Strauss, UCI MTB World Cup, Vallnord

“This has been a LONG time coming with a LOT of blood, sweat, tears, heaps of prayers and a couple of torn muscles, we made…”

“Aim high and work hard for those dreams you decide where are your limits”

The Short track race resulted in a third row start at the XCO race yesterday where Mariske finished 20th. “The XCC race was brutal and there is no margin for error,” adds Mariske.

Mariske had a good start and was sitting comfortably in the top 10 for the first 2 laps.  

She rode very consistently and fought hard for her 13th place after 6 laps on one of the hardest tracks on the circuit.

Mariske chose to ride her Stratos dual suspension on Sunday.

Mariske Strauss, UCI MTB World Cup, Vallnord

In the men’s race

Nicola Rohrbach form was good. The Swiss Silverback rider has not had things go his way for the past couple of months.

“I am just disappointed about yesterday’s race. I am feeling better. After, the last 3 weeks after I have suffered from all the allergy. Plus asthmatic problems from earlier this year. I prepared for the high altitude and I think the dust was a big problem for me and my reduced lungs,” says Rohrbach.

Stratos SBC, UCI MTB World Cup, Vallnord

Photos: @thomaswdesign

#SilverbackRacing #SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast


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Ready, set Strato AL5!

Mountain bike - Stratos AL 5 - Silverback Bikes

Featuring the highly capable suspension platform of the Stratos SBC at the fraction of the price

The Stratos AL 5 features the same suspension platform our athletes use in the World Cups. At a fraction of the price, the AL5 an affordable introduction into racing.

The asymmetric frame design of the Stratos, disperses the load based on magnitude and position, levitating stresses where it’s most concentrated. Featuring our POP geometry (Position of Power), this bike pushes the rider more central on the bike. This engaging the glute muscles and equates to better climbing, more controlled descending and improved traction. POP geometry makes the AL 5, a strong climber and a balanced confident descender.

Stratos AL 5 handle bars - Silverback Bikes

Stratos AL 5

The Stratos is equipped with a standard metric shock, tapered headtube and is 150mm dropper post compatible. These features ensures the bike is easily upgradable as your riding progresses.

This bike is fitted with a 120mm front fork. This caters for the evolving cross-country courses and the growing trail movement. The 120mm travel will add to giving you confidence on technical terrain.

Based on the groundbreaking Stratos CF race machine, but adapted for the everyday rider. New to mountain biking, or first full suspension bike. The Stratos AL 5.0 is designed to take care of business.

Find out more about the Stratos design: The Stratosphere

Surface 29″ Alloy rims

Key Features of the Stratos AL 5

  •        POP Geometry
  •        Asymmetric design
  •        Top end suspension platform
  •        Trickle down technology
  •        150mm internal dropper post ready 
  •       Surface Alloy Symmetrical 29″ Rims
  •       Light weigh Hydro formed 6061 Alloy

#SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFasm

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Preparing for the European XCM Champs: Jennie Stenerhag

Jennie Stenerhag, Silverback Fairtree

6 Hul, European XCM Championships, Norway

Who are your current sponsors?

ÅBRO is my main sponsor while in Europe and Fairtree while in SA. My product sponsors are Silverback, Squirt cycling products, GripGrab, Ceetec, Enervit, Continental tyres, Spiuk, Kalas Wear, Nike Vision, Zen products, Gebiomized.

How has it been working with Silverback Bikes?

It has been good and I am very happy with my new Stratos and the Superspeed. It is nice to be part of the development of a new bike and being one of the first to ride it, it means a lot and is very special.

Jennie Stenerhag, Preparing for European XCM Championships, Norway

How many European XCM champs have you done?

I have only done the European XCM champs in 2014 and 2016.

What were you results in 2014 & 2016?

I was 5th in 2014 and 2nd in 2016.

Since the 2019 Cape Epic, have you made any changes to your Stratos bike?

I have changed the stem from a 70mm to a 60mm and it made a huge difference and I regret not doing it before the Cape Epic. It was just not enough time to play around with the set up too much. I have also changed back to Continental tyres which gives me more confident since I feel that I get a better grip.

Jennie Stenerhag, Preparing for European XCM Championships, Norway

How excited are you for the public to get onto the new Stratos bike?

I have had so many questions about the bike and people coming up to me at races wanting to see it so I can’t wait to be able to tell people where they can go and buy one.

One week before champs, what kind of training are you doing?

No gym, it is very little training during the 5 days between my last race and the champs.

What is your focus regarding your form right now?

Now the main thing is to stay healthy and just maintain the form, a lot of rest and hopefully, the peak will be even higher.

At your last European champs in 2016, what was the one lesson you’ve learnt?

That anything is possible, I did not expect a medal then but managed to get the silver!

What is your goal for this year’s XCM Champs?

A medal is the goal.

Jennie Stenerhag, Preparing for European XCM Championships, Norway

Find our how the European XCM went: Results

Follow Jennies Blog: HERE

#SilverbackRacing #SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast

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Bike Packing: Solo in his Sola

Go bike packing and escape the city life

Go far beyond the tar and deep into the countryside for a great backpacking adventure. Into the scenic farmlands, dusty routes and welcoming pedestrians for a truly memorable ride.

Christoff Els, a final year Psychology student, decided it was time to escape the hustle in the pursuit of some quiet time. He shares some thoughts of his simple care-free trip, along with some vibrant images capturing the adventure.

Els has had his Silverback SOLA 1 for 5 years and is proud to say she has never let him down. “It was still a challenge for my training has been very inconsistent for the past 2 months,” adds Christoff.

“Adventure to me is a sense that everyone perceives differently and for me, that sense is getting outside and doing something unconventionally awesome and letting your curiosity guide you. Whatever is unconventionally cool for you, that is your adventure “

bike packing, Silverback bikes, traveling
Ready for adventure
Silverback Sola 1

More thrilling parts of bike packing adventures is finding a sleep spot alongside a gravel road. “ I would find myself in an area consisting of many hills – three quarters up the nearest hill is where the thermal belt is (this is a sweet spot where hot air is trapped between 2 pockets of cold air) you’ll be able to feel the difference, especially in the winter,” says Els.

Memorable moments

His most memorable moment was on his latest ride. He reached the end of a dirt road and hit a slight descent down a hill, when suddenly a herd of cattle appeared out of nowhere. 

“I slammed the brakes and pulled out my DSLR camera to snap a few shots. Unknowingly, I caused a traffic jam for the only car on the road! The cattle was startled by my approach and soon the owner appeared from the dust of his cattle. Looking like a ghost and I decided to give him some of my food to apologise for this small inconvenience,”
“From my journey, I have learned that it takes nothing to smile and greet someone. You may not see them again but when you pedal past someone after this kind phenomenon you will generally feel better”

Adventure is not only for the ‘adventure’. Sometimes the best adventure can be found close to home. Enter the world of bike packing, where every day can be an opportunity to hit the refresh button on your life.


Struggling to stay motivated to ride? Read our top tips to staying motivated to ride.

#SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast

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The all-new Stride SX

Stride SX, SX Eagle, hardtail - Silverback Bikes


The Stride SX is the first to launch from our all-new Stride mountain bike range. Featuring all the elements of a high-end racing bike but at a fraction of the price. With the brand new 12 Speed SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain, this bike undoubtedly has a competitive edge over other mid-level bicycles.

This bike features Silverback POP (Position of Power) geometry which places the rider more central on the bike, therefore improving balance, climbing as well as traction. 

A slacker head angle of 67.5 degrees not only inspires confidence but improves handling over the technical terrain that modern cross-country tracks offer. Currently available in two colour options.

Aimed to cater to the younger races, such as school series racers, this bike uses our Sweet spot geometry. Meaning the extra small and small will have 27.5” wheels however the Medium and large will have 29” wheels.

Other key features of this bike include:

  • tapered head tube
  • internal cable routing
  • dropper ready post ready
  • progressive trail geometry
  • tubeless ready wheels and tyres (valves and rim tape also included in the box).

STRIDE SX Tech DocumentRead More

Read the Press Release: HERE

Stride SX, SX Eagle, hardtail
Press Release: Stride SX
Stride SX, SX Eagle, hardtail
Stride SX
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Jennie Stenerhag wins unplanned mtb races in Sweden


Swedish rider, Jennie Stenerhag, riding for ABRO in Sweden decided on the last minute to enter two races in preparation for European Champs in two weeks time.

On Friday the 21st June 2019, Jennie Stenerhag started the Orsabajk’n race with some Swedish Elites.

Stenerhag completed the 25km, high speed and non-stop MTB race in a time of 54 minutes.

“It saw my highest average heart rate in a very long time. It was a good turn out and very tough competition,” says Jennie.

“I kept an eye on Linn who I saw as the biggest competition. We sat with the guys in the beginning but after a few kilometres I managed to go in front of Linn and when I looked back, I did not see anyone. But a bit later a small bunch caught me and another guy and Linn were there. I rode as hard as I could to keep up with the guys and finally, I didn’t see Linn anymore”

Jennie Stenerhag



Two days later, Jennie took part in the #GesundaMTBChallange which was 72km long and filled with lots of hills in Dalarna, Sweden.

Jennie’s plan was to leave with a good day of training with the men, “ It was fast from the start and I could feel the last few days’ training and race in the legs and it took a while for me to get started,” adds Jennie.

“It was a really good training weekend with 2 hard races, and I feel that the form is on its way in time for European Championship”

#SilverbackRacing #SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast

Missed Jennies last race? Catch up HERE.

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Press Release: Stride SX

Press Release: Stride SX - Silverback Bikes

The Stride SX is the first to launch from our all-new Stride range. Featuring all the elements of a high-end bike at a fraction of the price. The brand new 12 Speed SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain, gives this bike a competitive edge over other mid-level bicycles. In the Press release you will find everything you need to know about this brand new platform.

View The Full Press Release HERE.

The Stride SX is more than a recreational bike. An engineered frame keeps the weight down coupled with geometry that places the rider in the Position Of Power and Silverback’s ethos of offering the Right Bike at the Right Price means that it is a serious contender. Featuring our POP geometry as piloted on the Slade, the Stride is a confident descender that handles like a proper trail bike.


  • Hydro-formed 6061 Alloy frame
  • SR Suntour Raidon XC RLR 100mm
  • Surface Asymmetric Alloy Tubeless Ready wheels
  • Weight: TBA


CASSETTESRAM CS PG1210 Eagle, 12 Spd, 11-50t

Everything you need to know abou the Stride SX

#SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast #BestInClass