BornToBeFast: Shock Pump

A Shock pump is one of those tools that every mountain bike owner should have in their toolbox.

Suspension preferences vary greatly between bike, riders and riding disciplines and a well set up bike will enhance your on-trail experience where a poorly set up bike could detract from your ride and even cause crashes.

When having your setup done in a bike shop, the mechanic or sales assistant will set your suspension according to your weight and riding style, but due to all the variables involved, chances are that it will not be perfect.  Ideally, you want to ride your bike for a while and then start playing with suspension pressures to dial it in. Sure you could head back to the store for every single adjustment or small change, but would you?

Silverback BornToBeFast: Shock Pump
Borntobefast High Pressure 300 psi Shock pump.

Our new Born To be Fast’ Shock pump, is small and easy to carry, so you could take it along on a ride to fine-tune your suspension on the trail and get your suspension working perfectly.

Shockpumps, other than pumps for tyres, are designed for accuracy and lower volume, high-pressure suspension components. The shock pump features a 300psi pressure rating. To reach valves in tight spaces the hose is flexible and can rotate 360 degrees.

The easiest way to dial in suspension is to ride a piece of technical trail that you know well repeatedly, and then adjusting your air pressure and shock settings in between runs. This pump also features a bleed valve to help you accurately let the air out of the shock, should it be necessary.


High-Pressure Fork and Shock Pump with top-class-manometer up to 21 bar/300PSI.

Rotating flexible hose for difficult to reach valves

It also features a capped button for controlled pressure release and to prevent accidental release.

Plunger-type handle for comfort in-palm.

Weight: 209g

Key Benefits

Comfortable to use

Universal use

Leak Proof connections

Easy to use

Perfect pressure in your front fork and rear shock


How much does the Born To Be Fast shock pump weigh?


What is the difference between a Digital and analogue shock pump?

Digital pumps are easier to read but are a bit heavier, more expensive and require batteries.

The analogue pumps are more affordable, lighter and don’t need any batteries.

Can it be used to inflate bicycle tires?

No, well actually you probably can but it will take a long time! A shock pump is designed to fill a small space with high pressure whereas a tire pump will fill a large space with low pressure.

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2 thoughts on “BornToBeFast: Shock Pump

  1. Good day, thanks for the great article. Is there any guidance on what the rear shock should be pump to? I know you said in the article ride a trail that you ride regularly and play around with the air pressure. But surely there must be some sort of staring point like the sticker on the front shock. I own the stratos al5 and it’s a x fusion shock. My weight is 90 kg. Thanks

    1. Hi George, thanks for your comment. We suggest you start with the sag between 25 – 30% and then work from there.

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BornToBeFast: Shock Pump

A Shock pump is one of those tools that every mountain bike owner should have in their toolbox. Suspension preferences vary greatly between bike, riders and



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