Cycling: How to get rid of Coronavirus Anxieties

Coronavirus has very much arrived in almost every country in the world. Infections and deaths are growing. Schools are closing. Events are canceled.

The outburst of coronavirus, or Covid-19, has already had a large impact on the cycling calendar. Many races have been canceled and more potential issues on the horizon.

cycling Corona Virus Anxieties
As with every other aspect of our new normal, approach riding your bike with care and discipline as the coronavirus pandemic grows

Even if you personally are not in a high-risk group or country, your actions will help curb the spread and that will help to ensure that health care providers are not overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, but what can you do for your own health and how could it affect your training.

Get out and ride is the best way to break the Coronavirus anxiety. It is a great way to avoid public transport and seems to be the case for many people.

Social distancing

Cycling during this pandemic is an important travel choice overall, given the advice to practice social distancing.

While killing two birds with one stone, by working out and having fun during this stressful time, cycling in groups should be okay by avoiding unnecessary touching and sharing water bottles.

Staying active during this period will help your immune system & we all know exercising is a prescription for good health.

Be very diligent about washing your hands both before and after a ride out. Using hygiene hand sanitizer and surface spritzer will help to prevent any viruses.

If you feel like you have any Flu-like symptoms, it’s important to get prompt medical care. Call your local hospital, clinic & wear a mask once you leave your home.

Avoid gyms and adopt a more hygienic, climate-friendly, people-powered form of transportation and exercising. More bikes & less use of public transport will create a safer & greener world and something to smile about, even behind a face mask.

Cycling: How to get rid of Coronavirus Anxieties
 Be mindful of your interactions with others and take basic steps to protect yourself

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Source: 7 New Health Well Being | Ride Safely Coronavirus

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