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Cape Town, South Africa, July 25 – Silverback bikes best known for their lightweight carbon bicycles from Germany released their first E-Fatlike video – Anyone’s Adventure!

The electric adventure was directed by Francoin Visser and Wesley Roelof Silverback Employees. The crew headed to the Best Western Cape landscapes to find the ultimate scenes and to push the S-Electro bike to its limits.

Ahead of the release, I chatted to the troop to find out what inspired this Born To Be Electric venture.

silverback fat bike e fat bike cofee in the woods
Matt sipping his coffee before continues his journey


What was the thought process when you started planning this video shoot?

The strategy is the name of my game and having a good strategy is what any thought process is all about. Working in marketing and brand identity for over 10 years.

The S-Electro Fat is one of Silverback’s first e-bikes. Being an e-fatbike made it the best choice for Anyone’s Adventure. This is the title slogan we ran with for the video as well as our chosen # for the video.

The e-bike offers pedal-assist which makes it an all-around choice for old, young, beginner and long-distance riders. The fat tires ads the benefit of traversing multiple terrains with ease. E-fatbike = Anyone’s Adventure.

What was the plot line of this Born To Be Electric video?

We wanted to take the rider on a journey through the different terrains, covering rock, sand, forest, gravel and snow (SNOW VIDEO). Highlighting the versatility, the e-fatbike has to offer.


What sort of person is going to love this video?

Anyone! That is it, whilst we were shooting we received comments from both old, and young around. They loved the look of this bike.

After the audience watched this short piece, how do you want them to feel?

The emotion we want to omit was getting people outside, riding and having a sense of adventure in mind. Most people want to ride, but I think they are scared, feel intimidated and generally they are afraid of falling. The S-Electro FAT offers easy access for hard to reach places with push-assist (you hold the + button to move the bike forward automatically), the fat tires easily moves over rock, bumps and through sand.

How is this production bringing something new to Anyone’s Adventure story lines?

During the production planning phase of the story-line a huge part amounted to scouting areas anyone could visit after filming wrapped. It occurred to me that we have so many destinations that offer completely different terrain within a 150km radius of each other. This prompted me to include nature reserves and non-government institutions for Anyone’s Adventure.

My goal is to shine a light on local businesses and show support as well as form good partnerships with the owners and their locations. If you look in the description below the video you will see some of the areas, we filmed at. These places are made to be Anyone’s Adventure.

selfie on silverback bike set efat bike
Wesley and Matthew taking selfies on set.
volvo xc 60 in the woods on silverback set
The film crew moved in the Volvo XC60 from location to location.
drone footage of selectro fat ebike
Drone footage of rider, Matt and the Silverback S-Electro FAT

Global Brand Engagement Strategist – Francoin Visser.

You have always been involved with all Silverback’s Video Content – Why did you want to be involved in this production?

I love adventure, and since the S-Electro is an adventure bike at heart, it gives us the opportunity to film the bike and to be Born To Be Electric.

There was a whole team on set, and normally you are the cameraman in many previous productions – What was your role in this production?

First and foremost, I was making sure that everyone on the team understood the S-Electro, how it is used, where and how it would be ridden, so that the viewing audience see an end product that makes sense from a platform and riding perspective. Secondly, I was in charge of any bike tech, setup, tune-ups, maintenance, cleaning, charging etc. Lastly to help direct the shoot and edit.

Where do you think this bike is beneficial?

E-Fat bikes are already designed for unique terrains, sand, snow and other hard to reach or ride places.  Fat bikes are inherently heavier than normal trail bikes and so spending all day on outrides gets tiring. The electric motor and the extended range it offers just makes it easier to take it out for longer trips and more exploration.


What can we expect next from the S-Electro bike?

The S-Electro as a platform is growing quickly, and new models are going to roll out soon. The FAT is now available for sale, and already popular amongst touring companies and other Fatbike adventurers keen to go further.  As far as videos go – we’ve had it in the snow in the upcoming Snowventure.

You tested the bike in tough/all terrains – How did it handle it? jumps etc.

It is a big bike and the electrics add to the weight. However, handle everything we threw at it with ease. It’s not designed to hit big jumps but handles smaller jumps with ease and is very stable in the air, courtesy of the big wheels.

Each day lasted about 7 hours on set– did the battery last?

Bike – yes. Cameras and other film equipment, not always!

mountain shoot on set
Francoin snapping some behind the scene content for social media. #BornToBeFast #AnyoneAdventure


It looks like you had a blast on set. What sort of person is going to love this film?

Any person who likes adventure, something new & any cyclist.

You love riding – What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

There were no big challenges for me because I love riding my bike but if I had to have one it would be trying to stay energetic the whole day.

What was the hardest part about shooting in the rain?

It was cold but was really fun at the same time!

Being a pro-athlete, have you ever been part of a production like this?

No, I have never been part of something like this but I will do it all again!

If you could be part of another production, which Silverback Bicycle would it be and why?

I would like to do another video on the Silverback SESTA or on the SURFACE because these are bikes that I am more use to riding and would be able to do much more with it.

Has this changed your mindset about E-bikes?

Yes, E-Bikes are awesome because it gives some people the opportunity to ride with friends even though they could not keep up on a normal bike.

Do you find the S-Electro a good touring companion?

I do think it would be a good touring companion you should just plan your routes so that there will be places to charge the bike if needed.

volvo cars cast crew team silverback
Our cameramen, Jean and Dean.

Edited by Consuming Fire Films.

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