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Attakwas Extreme: Jennie Stenerhag wins the Season Opener

Jennie Stenerhag celebrates her win at the 2020 Attakwas - Silverback bikes

Great way to start the season

Swedish Silverback rider, Jennie Stenerhag finally won the 2020 Attakwas after 8 tries when the 121km mountain bike race finished in the Western Cape, South Africa on Saturday.

Her winning time was 5 hours, 54 minutes and 23 seconds.

Table of Contents

Swedish marathon champion made her victory by the thinnest of margins. Robyn de Groot crossed the line just one second behind her and Hungarian cross-country champion Barbara Benko completed the podium, finishing the race nine minutes and 24 seconds further back.


In the women’s race, Stenerhag broke away from the other elite women at the 30km mark. She distanced her fellow elite women and only Robyn could only get close to her.

The two ladies rode together along the muddy grueling pass through the mountains, “I’ve lost out in a sprint here before,” said Stenerhag.

“Last year I was coming back from an injury and didn’t contest the turn into the cement stripped descent into Pine Creek Resort as fiercely as I could have. This year I made sure to get onto that section first and around the penultimate corner in the lead. Then it was just about keeping the inside line and once I rounded the final bend to kick with everything I had,” she told Bike Network on Saturday.


“I’ve tried to win this race 8 times now. Each time before this year I’ve come up short, so that makes the victory all the sweeter, she said in relief.


2013 – DNF

2014 – 5th

2015 – 3rd

2016 – 2nd

2017 – 3rd

2018 – 2nd

2019 – 3rd

“I was once again impressed of how well my Silverback Stratos handled on this kind of terrain, it was the first time I managed to ride up all the technical climbs and it is also so stable on the downhills! The best bike ever!” adds Jennie Stenerhag.

The wet and muddy condition did not dampen any one’s spirit. The Momentum Health Attakwas Extreme presented by Biogen is a race which hurts but you always come back for more.

Momentum Health Attakwas Extreme presented by Biogen | Results:


  1. Jennie Stenerhag, Fairtree Capital (5:54:23)
  2. Robyn de Groot, dormakaba (5:54:24 | +00:01)
  3. Barbara Benko, Ghost Factory Racing (6:03:48 | +09:24)
  4. Yolande de Villiers, Mad Macs (6:07:08 | +12:45)
  5. Laura Stark, TB Werner (6:26:52 | +32:29)

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MTB Race News

jennie stenerhag mtb race stratos sbc


Silverback Junior Rider, Luke Moir finished tenth at the Super Cup Massi in Banyoles Spain on Saturday.

It was a tough weekend for Luke at the World Junior Series. With a massive start of 194 junior boys sprinted off the start line and with the course offering little in the way of technical sections it kept the bunch together with multiple attacks throughout the race. Luke described it as more of a “road race” with the laps being just over 6km and flat.

The pace throughout the race did catch him out towards lap 4 and a hard sprint gave him a 10th place finish.

Luke completed his race in a time of 1:17:20, two minutes and two seconds behind the winner.

Silverback Elite Rider UCI World Cup Ranking – Luke Moir #1 Junior XCo

The International Catalan Cup has become one of the most important mountain bike races outside the World Cup. The event brought together a very high level of participation in all categories, both elite races and in lower divisions.

The environment was ideal to kick off the best World Cross Country. Thousands of fans packed the different points of the circuit. The atmosphere and a unique atmosphere, which edition after edition, leaves its mark on all the corridors that make up the starting grid.

Endless stars gathered on the grid of the exit of the Super Cup Massi. World champions, Olympic champions, and mountain bike stars, to measure their strength at the start of the Olympic season.

Luke has gained the experience of what this year has in stall for him at the international races. No doubt we will see him on an international podium shortly.

Classification: CLICK HERE


Silverback Fairtree rider, Jennie Stenerhag finished second place at the 2020 Imbuko Big Five MTB Challenge on Saturday.

The race for solo riders is almost identical to stage five of the ABSA Cape Epic. While the Epic stage covers 2 900m of climbing in 85km, the Big Five does 100m more ascent in 10km less distance.

“We started with the men and it was nice and steady for the first few kilometres until we made a left turn and the first climb started! It was long!! We were 4 girls together at the beginning of the hill but soon we lost Ariane and a little further up the climb we lost Anne” says Jennie after the race.

Stenerhag and Candice raced together for the climb and lost her on the downhill, “I tried to catch up on the next climb and came close at one point but then it was like she put one more gear in and disappeared,” adds Jennie.

She risked it all as she couldn’t see her opponent in front nor behind her, “Some climbs were brutally steep and at one place I had to get off since it felt impossible to ride.”

With support from the sidelines she felt motivated to give it her all for the last 17km.

“I was very happy with the day considering the tummy thing the day before, I was not really sharp during the race which I think made me take extra care on the downhills”


A Big congratulations to Monique Swart who finished 1st place in the U23 & Overall Elite Women at the Gauteng XCO Cup1 .
Bike: SOLA

Well done to Gerhardt Struwig for finishing 13th Place Gauteng XCO Cup1 race in the Junior Category.
Bike: Stratos CF 1

Nice one, Philip Ayres! Well done for completing 166km and 1600m of climbing on your Stratos CF1, at the 100 Mile Series. #BornToBeFast

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Road Bike vs Tri-Bike…What Should I Buy?

Two road bikes riding on the road HD - Silverback bikes

What is the difference between a time trial and a road bike?

If you are new to the Triathlon discipline, you properly asking “Should I buy a road or a tri bike?”

The answer depends on your personal needs as a cyclist.

The crucial difference between a road bike and a time trail bike is the geometry of the frame. These machines have more aggressive geometry to keep your riding position aerodynamic to help shave seconds off your time.

Road bikes are more suitable for a variety of terrain. One particularly being climbing.

  • Are you looking to focus only on triathlon?
  • Are you looking to do some road racing and group rides?
  • What type of terrain are you expecting to encounter on a typical ride?

TT bikes are designed with one goal in mind, and that is to be fast. Ideal for when you are doing a Time Trial and need to put down maximum power to win or if you need to be energy efficient to complete an Ironman course.

It is designed to put you in a forward position when tucked down into your aero bars. The bullhorn-style handlebars stacked with aero bars will allow the rider to rest their elbows, helping them into a streamlined aerodynamic tuck.

Why Is A TT bike Faster Than A Road Bike?

A time trial bike brings the rider into a highly aerodynamic position which minimizes drag. This position has proven to save 122 seconds over a 40km time trial. Other than that, the aerodynamic tubing on a Time Trail frame makes a massive difference.

Firstly, it improves the stiffness of the frame and allows for direct power transfer to the pedals. Secondly, the teardrop-shaped tubing improves airflow as well as minimizing resistance.

What are your thoughts? Road bike or Time Trail? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Select any 3 Bikes to compare based on their price, specifications, & features. CLICK HERE

#SilverbackBikes #BestInClass


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What Is Your Most Important MTB Component? [POLL]

Experience Silverback - Silverback Bikes

Which components matter the most to you? The answer use to be simple: The Frame. Now answers vary between a few components, from tubeless tires to disc brakes, shocks or a dropper post.

More and more people are taking up cycling for the first time and many are that are upgrading parts to enhance and optimize their effort on each ride. But in today’s world, high-end components can make a hole in your pocket.

We want to know what is important to you?


Check out our Silverback Component Collection:

Surface – Dropper post:

Available in a variety of different drops, sets the benchmark for reliable performance.

Surface – Elite 40 D Carbon Tubeless Wheelset

The Surface Elite MTB wheelset is a great upgrade for your XC machine.

Surface – TI 1.0 Saddle

A High performance lightweight race orientated saddle.

SpeedKit – 408 Pannier Rack

Perfect for commuting, touring or bikepacking, pannier racks give you the capacity of securely carrying extra equipment, groceries or accessories.

SpeedKit – 106 Kick Stand Component 

Versatile lightweight, slimline chainstay mounted kickstand that fits various bikes.

SpeedkitTubeless Kit

The Speedkit tubeless kit is an all-in-one tubeless conversion kit.


SBC – Carbon Fork Fat Bike

Lightweight rigid carbon fork designed to be stiffer and handles with precision.

Bike: S-Electro Fat Bike

SBC – Carbon Fork Fat Bike
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WC MTB XCO Series #1: Luke Moir Wins Junior Men’s

Luke Moir on the podium at WC XCO - Silverback bikes

Silverback’s rider, Luke Moir won the junior men race at the first WC MTB XCO which took place at Bloemendal Wine Estate in Cape Town, South Africa.

Matthew Lochner, Silverback Stratos Pilot finished seconds and Eben Baasden completed the junior men’s podium. Luke completed his 4 laps in a time of 54 minutes and 8 seconds, 2 minutes ahead of Matthew.

2020 WC MTB XCO Series #1: Junior Men

Bring It On

With a heat index reading of 45 degrees, “hot” would be an understatement when describing the temperatures experienced at the first round of the Western Province Cross Country Series.

From the start gun, Luke piled on the pressure as he used the Elite men (who started two minutes before the Juniors) as motivational targets.

The Heat Is On

The fast start and hot weather took its toll on Luke during the first two laps. He admitted not having experienced those sorts of conditions even in training.

With much-needed ice bottles and words of encouragement in the tech zones from dad and mechanic Clint Elliot from The Bike Park Uitsig, Luke settled into a rhythm in Laps three and four whilst continuously extending his lead over the Junior men field. He passed all but two of the Elite riders on his way to winning his category.

This first race of the season was used to gauge Luke’s strength, fitness and mental preparations as he builds up to the first World Junior Series race in Bayoles, Spain on 22 February.

After being announced as the UCI number one ranked Junior boy in the world starting the season earlier in January, Luke is focused on maintaining a high ranking in the hope of a front row start for the World Championship which will be hosted in Albstadt, Germany in June this year.

Check out the Stratos SBC machine: CLICK HERE

Results: Junior Men

Luke Moir 52:08

Matthew Lochner 54:05

Eben Baasden 54:22

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Tankwa Trek: 2nd Place for Jennie & Nadine

Pink jersey tankwa trek 2020 silverback racing

Iconic four-stage mountain bike race 

Silverback Fairtree rider, Jennie Stenerhag partnered with German Elite mountain bike rider Nadine Rieder for the 2020 Tankwa Trek presented by Biogen. The four-day stage race took place in the Western Cape, scheduled from the 6th to the 9th of February. The elite women’s field promised a powerful race as the lady’s battle over 228km.


It was a perfect day to tackle a short 24km Stage 1. The ladies started the race in the middle of the afternoon with a fresh breeze keeping the weather at 20 degrees.

In the UCI women’s race, the Fairtree team, Jennie & Nadine kept up with the leading team’s pace. Unfortunately, 8km from the finish line, Jennie’s partner experienced her first puncture during the mountain bike race.

“I had my first ever puncture while racing my mountain bike today,” Rieder told Tankwa Trek reporters.


  1. Faces CST: Mariska Strauss & Candice Lill
  2. 2: Ghost Factory Racing: Barbara Benko & Anne Terpstra
  3. Fairtree: Jennie Stenerhag & Nadine Rieder. SEE MORE


After a dramatic afternoon, the Fairtree duo were in possession of the desirable pink garment after racing 84km.

It was a playground for the strongest and most technical mountain bike riders. With hand-built single tracks that caved into the sandstone soils.

The pressure was on in the women’s race by Fairtree’s Reider. She up the pace on a 10km significant climb.

“I carried on at my pace knowing Jennie would ride back to me. We worked together well to the finish. But never knew how far behind the chasers were so we had no idea we could claim the lead today,” said Rieder.


  1. Fairtree: Jennie Stenerhag & Nadine Rieder
  2. Dormakaba Blue: Robyn de Groot & Adelheid Morath.
  3. Faces CST: Mariska Strauss & Candice Lill


Queen & Stage 3. Fairtree’s Nadine Rieder once again put the Faces CST team under pressure on the main climb. The Fairtree team crossed the line in the fourth position but hung on their first place on their general classification standings. A lead of 33 seconds.

“We enjoyed the day in the pink jersey and had another good race until the bad luck struck again. 2 punctures on the way down the Merino Monster made us lose a lot of time,” said Jennie.

XC Mountain bike - Stratos CF SBC - Silverback Bikes
Stratos SBC Race Machine


  1. Dormakaba Blue: Robyn de Groot & Adelheid Morath.
  2. Faces CST: Mariska Strauss & Candice Lill
  3. GB Cycling Team: Isla Short & Annie Last
  4. Fairtree: Jennie Stenerhag & Nadine Rieder


Jennie & Nadine had to be content with second place after many punctures which cost them dearly on Stage 1 & 3 of the 2020 Tankwa Trek mountain bike race.

General Classification after Stage 4 | Women:

1. Faces CST: Mariske Strauss & Candice Lill (12:47:44)

2. Fairtree: Jennie Stenerhag & Nadine Rieder (12:49:50 | +02:14)

3. dormakaba blue: Robyn de Groot & Adelheid Morath (12:56:29 | +08:45)

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What size bike is right for my child?

Kids Bike - Silverback Bikes

Choosing the right size bike for your child is the most important.

When you’re selecting a bike for your kid, kids bike sizing is all about the wheels size. Going too big or too small will cause problem for them like balancing and controlling the bicycle.

The perfect geometry, wheel size, and components will make their first mountain bike something special.

How do i choose a bike for my kid - Silverback Bikes


Kids bikes are normally sized to the wheels and not the bike frame. It is vital to know your kid’s measurements to select the right size bike for him or her. Make sure their toes are touching the ground and if they can’t do this – the bicycle is too big.

Check out our general guide to follow which matches thier right bike size. This will help you choose the perfect size bike for your little superhero.

16” Bikes

AGE RANGE: 4 to 6 years. This is designed around a lightweight first “pedal bike for youngsters. The Silverback Skid 16 helps keeps fingers and clothing out of danger, this bike is fitted with a chain-guard and training wheels, giving parents peace of mind. This is the bike to learn how to pedal and as soon as they’re ready, the training wheels can easily be removed. Starting to ride and learning balance couldn’t be easier than with the Skid 16.

20” Bikes

AGE RANGE: 6 to 8 years. The Skid 20 is built for fun! This is the perfect first mountain bike for your kid. With hard wearing, scratch-resistant decals and a 50mm Zoom suspension fork. Featuring 2’3″ knobbly mountain bike tyres and a Shimano 1 X 6 drivetrain, this bike is suitable for riding trails, street, your local pump track or even to school and back. The Skid also features smaller contact points to suit smaller hands and shorter legs and mechanical disc brakes to ensure reliable powerful all-weather braking performance

24” Bikes

AGE RANGE: 8 to 10 years. For 2019 the Spyke range gets a new frame and new geometry. Light and reliable, Spyke is the Ideal “school and back” commuting bike for young riders or you can choose the Skid 24 which is perfect and it will get your kid riding trails in no time.

Scoop Half – Explore the sand dunes in the summer and snowy mountains in the winter with the oversized tyres on the Scoop Half. The Scoop Half has an easy to use single front chainring, making gears selection simpler and easier. The big volume 24″ tyres will absorb trail bumps, and for both function and aesthetics, the Scoop has internal cable routing.

26” Bikes

AGE RANGE: about 10 years and over. For young shredders, the Stride Junior [RED]. Outgrown your 24″ wheels and ready to start shredding trails? The Stride Junior has been tailored to suit the requirements of a smaller rider. The Stride Junior is fitted with a Suntour XCE Suspension fork that has 100mm travel and will soak up all the bumps on the trail but also equipped with integrated fender and rack mounts making it a great choice for commuting. 

Stride Junior Scientifica[BLUE] – has been completely reinvented. The build kit highlights a SRAM Eagle 12speed drivetrain, internal routing, tubeless-ready wheels and tyres, integrated kickstand mount, tapered headset, and progressive trail geometry is unseen in this class making Stride JR a true BIC offering. The Stride JR is a confident descender that handles like a proper trail bike. The Stride JR brings top-end features to the kid’s bikes at the right price.

Stride Junior RC Scientifica [GREY] – Comes with a dropper Post compatibility, a Shimano 21 speed drivetrain, internal routing, tubeless-ready wheels, integrated kickstand mount, tapered headset, and progressive trail geometry are unseen in this class making Stride JR RC a true BIC offering.

Features to look for in a good kids’ bike:

  • Pay attention to weight
  • Don’t buy a bike for a child to ‘grow into’ – it’ll gather dust and quality kids’ bikes hold their value in resale anyway
  • Look for bikes with contact points – grips, brake levers and saddles that are child specific, smaller and easier to us

Use our FREE tool – You can access Find your fit online and determine your kids bike size from the comfort of your own home. CLICK HERE

Choosing the best kids’ bike for your child is a serious business. If it’s your child’s first bike, you want to make sure the machine you opt for will provide them with a good introduction to the world of cycling.

Our bikes are safe, comfortable and competitive, with out clearing out your bank account completely.


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4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote: Team Silverback Spain

4 Stage MTB Race Lanzarote - Team Silverback Spain

It was a tough start to the ninth edition of the 4-day MTB Lanzarote Stage Race in the Canary Islands. Team Silverack Spain, Elite rider Jose Sanchez Porras & Master 40 Juan Pedro Trujillo raced their hearts out on their Silverback Superspeed 1.0.

This UCI S1-ranked stage race is an opportunity for riders to kick start their points collection for the 2020 UCI rankings.

500 riders took part in a spectacular race on the island of Lanzarote. This year, the wind had a truce with the cyclists contributing to the perfect conditions of the race. The early morning rain gave way to a shy sun that appeared in the middle of the clouds from time to time during the day.

"Juan Pedro Trujillo, won two stages and was in second position in the Master40 Catergory and 25th overall.
Jose Sánchez iraced in the lite category & finished 24th overall.
Miguel Lopez Solano road the Master 50 category & finished 2nd place in the Master50 catergory and 52nd overall."


The first stage of 42km of this 4 Stage MTB RACE Lanzarote category UCI S1, is organized by Club La Santa. It was a fast day for Team Silverback with flowing uphills at the start of the race and gradual climbs towards the end. This allowed the Superspeed SBC to reach fast speeds throughout the race.


It was a quick day. The second stage of the 4 Stage MTB RACE Lanzarote was 60km long route. Moderate condition of 20 degrees and no wind made for perfect mountain biking weather.


The third stage of the race was a time trial that will leave Caleta de Farmara with more than 500m of positive slops.

“Tomorrow marathon stage will be important for me to cut down on time with 81km to get through,”  Porras said after the race. 
“Today was awesome. Very fast and rocky trails,” Juan Pedro Trujillo.


On the last day the toughest and most demanding race took place, the 81 km XL race, which includes the time trial “La Presa”.

“Glad to improve every day and be able to ride today with world cyclists to get an elite top20 and climb to the 22nd elite position,” says Jose Sanchez Porras.
“I really enjoyed this race and the way my race machine handled the different kinds of terrain,” said Juan Pedro Trujillo.

The 4-Stage MTB RACE Lanzarote category UCI S1 brought professionals and amateurs on tarmac roads, sand, lava fields and track routes to the north of the island.


Stage 1 results:

23. Juan Pedro Trujillo – Master40M – 26.69 km/h 1:34:24 +10:42

35. SANCHEZ PORRAS – EliteM – 26.20 km/h 1:36:08 +6:26

Stage 2 results:

21.  Juan Pedro Trujillo – Master40M – 2:14:57 +14:36

27. SANCHEZ PORRAS – JOSE EliteM – 2:15:47 +8:27

Stage 3 results:

29.  SANCHEZ PORRAS – EliteM – 0:56:52,48 +6:42

30.   Juan Pedro Trujillo – Master40M – 0:57:00,29 +6:50

Stage 4 results:


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Fatbike - Silverback bikes

Winter can be great, and the snow can be beautiful. Scroll & enjoy some of the most beautiful winter wonderland photos out there.

Instead of cuddling and getting cozy, these photos are going to influence you to pick up a new hobby and get your blood flowing.

Many may dislike the cold, but this is all part of life and cycling in the snow can be big fun.

If you ever thought of rolling down a snow hill in winter gear with an 11-speed, you are at the right place.

Our Silverback Scoop range is designed perfectly for riding in the snow or even in on the sand. Fat bikes are perfect for any adventure and will take you places narrower wheels would struggle to.

Here’s to making the most of a cold and unforgiving but enchantingly beautiful season!

Check our compilation with the most beautiful pictures of the white panoramic views that winter has to offer below.


Whether you’re riding in slushy snow, loose dirt, jagged rocks, or anything else mother nature can throw your way, this bike can handle it.

Remember to use our main tags: #SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast

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E-Bike: Silverback S-Electro 29 Sport

S-Electro Sport - Silverback Bikes

Table of Contents

Bring more power to your cycling life

Are you looking to head off-road? Welcome our newest edition to the S-Electro range.

The S-Electro 29 Sport has cutting edge tech and integration. Intuitive electric pedal assistance with efficient battery management via the Shimano display means the S-Electro Sport gives you the confidence to commute more, without the risk of running out of battery mid-ride.

The S-Electro Sport is perfect if you love to go on long rides and challenging steep climbs. Proven Shimano Steps E7000 electric assist helps to create a capable off-road bike.

S-Electro Sport E-Bike

Our versatile sport e-Bike is comfortable and features the Shimano 10 speed groupset & and a 34mm SR Suntour XCR 34-AIR, BOOST fork with 100mm of travel.

The 36V, 504Wh Darfon Li-Ion Battery and Darfon Smart charger make sure that recharges are quick and assist ranges ample for all-day adventures.

The fully integrated battery is equipped for your next adventure on the trail or for your daily commute to work.

S-Electro Sport e-Bike is for off the beaten track exploring, durable for sport riding, and even slick enough for the city.

Why it’s Best:

Key Features:

R 37999,00 // € 2699,00

  • 6061 Hydro-formed Alloy S-Electro Comp frame, Fully integrated Battery, adapted POP geometry
  • SR Suntour XCR 34-AIR, BOOST, 100mm
  • Surface DP 23, 25mm, Tubeless Ready wheels
  • Weight: 20.69kg

Engineering Notes

Hydro formed frame with integrated battery

eBike - Selectro Trail Sport - Silverback Bikes

The S-Electro Sports e-Bike frame features a fully integrated battery inside the downtube that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Hydro forming creates a lightweight yet durable tube set. Integrating the battery in the downtube creates more space in the front triangle. This caters for an extra water bottle, storage box or tool kit. Tube profiles selected for the rear triangle is firstly to deal with the forces exerted by the rider and electric motor, and secondly to compliment the front triangle’s design.

Electric System

eBike - Selectro Trail Sport - Silverback Bikes

The Shimano STEPs E7000 motor has a torque output of 60N.m. and rated 250W power. The 504Wh battery has a lifetime of 1000 cycles. The 36V, 504WH Darfon battery has a run time of 2 hours if the system is used in it’s highest power setting. The battery has a charge time of 3.5 hours when using the included 4a Darfon Smart charger.

IP65 rating

IP65 Enclosure – Ingress Protection rated as “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle. Care must be taken when washing to use the minimum required water. The electrical components must remain connected as to not expose any terminal. It is recommended to use a wet cloth or sponge for cleaning and avoid direct water on electrical components.

POP Geometry

The geometry has been updated from the previous version and has a slacker head tube angle and steeper seat tube angle. The steeper seat tube shifts the rider slightly forward and more upright for climbing and the slacker head angle allows for better handling when descending.

Wheel size and tyre compatibility

E-bike - S-electro Sport - Silverback Bikes

There are five frame sizes in the S-Electro range. There are 27.5″ options in both Small and Medium and a 29″ option in Medium, Large and Extra Large. The frame can clear higher volume 2,35″ tyres front and rear.

Drivetrain Choice

eBike - Selectro Trail Sport - Silverback Bikes

The Sport comes with a fully equipped Shimano Drive Train and has a Deore shifter, reliable Deore RD-M6000 10speed rear derailleur, and a wide ratio 11-42 cassette.

Rack and Fender Mounts

eBike - Selectro Trail Sport - Silverback Bikes

Each frame has the option to fit pannier racks and fenders.

Whether it is for your next trail adventure or your daily commute, the S-Electro Sport will bring more power to your cycling life.

Gravel Lover? Check out the S-Electro GR Video: