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S-Electro Gravel E-Bike

S-electro Gravel Ebike - Silverback Bikes

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With its roots in gravel, the S-Electro Gravel encourages exploration without reservation. Going further and doing more, is not a question of if, but when. Fitted with a Bafang M800 drive unit, it offers the best of integration, while maintaining minimum weight compromise. Complimented by 11-Speed Apex, the drive system boasts 250W mid-drive power with variable assistance modes.  Accommodating up to 4 bottle cages, fender and rack mounts, the S-Electro Gravel is ready for any journey.

Bafang M800 e-bike battery on the s-electro gravel - Silverback Bikes


  • Integrated battery
  • SBC Carbon Fork
  • Integrated rack and fender mounts on frame and fork, as well as kickstand mount on seat, stays.
  • BAFANG M800 Mid Drive Motor 200wh, 55N.m
  • BAFANG 200Wh capacity, 3,5Hr recharge time.
  • 4x bottle compatibility – 2 on fork and 2 in front triangle.
  • Gravel focused geometry with responsive steering and improved stability
  • Increased wheelbase for better e-system weight distribution and balance.
  • Wheel Compatibility – 700C and 650B – Max tyre sizes 700C x 40C and 650B x 1,6”.
  • Super light SBC Carbon Fork.


How long will the battery last me?

The Lithium-Ion has a shelf life of 10 years however depending on how you use it, the battery should last between 2 and 5 years.

How long should the S-Electro Gravels battery last on a ride?

How long should the S-Electro Gravels battery last on a ride?
The Bafang M800 Mid drive system has 5 modes and support can be indexed incrementally. If you use the battery only on ascents and when accelerating within the speed limit, it will be sufficient for longer trips for up to 150 km.

Can I fly with my E-bike?

Sadly, the Lithium-Ion battery used on e-bikes are not allowed on an airplane. Aviation regulations state that you can not fly with a battery exceeds a capacity of over 160WH. If you are wanting to do a e-biking adventure in another country, we suggest you hire a battery for a local supplier.  

Do you have a love for adventure but not convinced that you need an E-Bike? Then check out our new carbon gravel bike: Siablo CF.

What size wheels can I use on the S-Electro GR?

The frameset is compatible with both 700C large volume tyres and 650B tyres. It is designed to fit a maximum size 700x42C and 650Bx2.0” tyre. For long distance riding, over moderate to easy terrain we recommend 700C tyres. While 650B tyres are more suitable for shorter rides with demanding terrain.

How long does it take to charge the battery on this electric gravel bike?

This system has a charge time of 3.5 hours to100% capacity.

Is it easy to maintain and clean?

The Bafang M800 motor is completely sealed and does not require any maintenance. Other than that you can wash the bike with soap and water just like any other bike. Just remember, spraying water on a bike at high pressure, will force water into places you don’t want it and grease out of places where you need it.

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Why You Are Never Too Old To Ride A E-Bike

Electric Fat Bike - Silverback Bikes

the excitement you had of riding a bicycle as a child? Who said those days are
over? Anyone can now enjoy the thrill of riding a bike again with the
Silverback Electric bicycle range. The entire S-Electro range features easy-to-use
drive systems, so anyone can use it. 

This relatively new platform has given riders with limited capabilities the opportunity to feel healthier and like a kid again. Riders trying out an e-bike for the first time, always come back with a smile on their face, describing the experience as exhilarating and unlike anything they have ridden before.

Recently, we have received an e-bike review from 74-year old Hugh Smith who had just upgraded to the S-Electro Comp. Smith has been dealing with a leg injury for several years now but believes his S-Electro Comp will keep him cycling for many years to come.

74 year old on silverback e bike
74-year old Hugh Smith from the UK

“I am very happy with my choice.” – Hugh

Smith has recently relocated from the U.K. to South Africa. He made the decision to retire together with his wife and wanted to enjoy their journey in a different location. After being a Company Director for about 23 years, it was time to switch off and make a transition.

Happy Days

After being off the bicycle for close to 32-years Smith decided
that it was time to enjoy his retirement and get back to his “old ways”.

“I use to ride a lot of motorbikes for pleasure and use to be very active in my younger days,” he adds.

Silverback S-Electro COMP.

So far, he has completed
about 400km in under 2 months, “I enjoy the fresh air and to hang out with my
S-Electro MTB.

“Doing so improved my health
and the quality of life so much,” he elaborates.

E-bikes are especially capturing the older market, many of whom have found that electric bikes enable them to ride much later in life than they previously imagined. That’s because the extra push from the motor makes pedaling far less strenuous than traditional bikes. 

Only a couple of years ago, e-bikes seems to be an unnecessary toy for those too lazy to pedal up the hill. Now, these bikes have become a popular way to speed up your commute, extend your adventures and ultimately get more people on bicycles.

S-Electro Comp brings SB’s Best In Class philosophy to the e-bike market.


Not sure if an e-bike is for you? Read some of our Frequently asked e-bike questions on our BLOG. Find your perfect match HERE

Tell us why you love your e-bike in the comments section below and stand a chance to have your story featured on our blog.

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Frequently asked e-bike questions

E-bike - Silverback Bikes

How long will the battery last? Can I wash it? What kind of maintenance does an e-bike require? With the growing popularity of electric bikes, you might be getting a little curious. Here is a list of questions we often get asked regarding e-bikes…

  • What is the lifespan of an e-bike battery?

Naturally, this depends on the frequency you use your e-bike and how you take care of it. It also depends on the battery brand your bike is fitted with. Rule of thumb is 1000 full cycled charges, that is about 45 000km at boost setting (maximum assist)

  • Do e-bikes recharge when going downhill?

There are a couple of electric bike motors on the market that recharges when you are using the brake but this only really extends your range by 5%. Currently, none of our bikes features a recharging motor.

Silverback S-Electro Sport - e-bike battery
  • How fast can an e-bike go?

According to the European Union, the maximum speed an e-bike is allowed to go is 25km/h in the US 20mph is the speed limit. Technically the motor can go faster but most e-bike ESC’s stop providing power at 25km/h.

Electrical bike laws differ from country to country, click HERE to see what the speed limit is in your country.

  • What is the range of a battery?

This depends on a couple of factors, how you ride, the terrain you are riding as well as the level of assist you ride in. On average you should be able to do between 40km to 95km on a single charge.

  • Can I ride my e-bike without the battery?

Yes, it will be a normal bicycle once the battery is removed or switched off. 

Maintaining your e-bike

  • What maintenance does an e-bike require?

This differs depending on the brand of the drive system your bike uses.

– The Shimano system is sealed and has no serviceable parts.

-The Bafang service light comes on every 5000km, this is generally when the system should be serviced. This service is very basic and includes things such as new grease and cleaning out the system.

  • How to wash your e-bike and the use of water with electrical components.

Washing an e-bike requires a little bit more care than other bikes.

– No high-pressure water or direct stream of water should be used on your e-bike, as both will force water into any crevasses.  Using a bucket of water with a cloth is more than enough to clean.

– Also, avoid using silicone spray / anti-corrosion spray, it may seep into some components and eventually interfere with the electronics.

*Neither the Bafang or Shimano is waterproof so don’t go swimming with your e-bike.

  • Should I completely drain my battery before recharging it?

No, you don’t need to. Lithium-Ion does not suffer from the ‘memory effect’ so charging your battery before it is flat will not affect its longevity. It is best to charge the battery after every ride regardless of whether it is depleted or not. However lithium-ion batteries will last longer if not fully cycled regularly.

  • Where should you take the battery if you have any issuers?

If you pick up any issues with your motor, display or battery, you should take it back to your dealer, the same as with any other issues. Your dealer will asses the problem and submit a warranty claim if necessary.

If we haven’t answered your question, let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to check out our full range of e-bikes HERE.

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Why it is best: S-Electro Pro

S-electro pro, e-bike, dual suspension

THE S-ELECTRO PRO: shred more trails with our brand new dual-sus e-bike.

S-electro pro, e-bike, dual suspension
Trail ready

The S-Electro Pro, designed with similar geometry features of our Enduro ready machine, the Slider, this e-bike is ready to shred some trails. Featuring our POP geometry coupled with a modified Horst Link suspension layout and a function designed/dictated asymmetric frame.

The S-Electro Pro is a highly capable long travel 29” eBike that is also compatible with 27.5” wheels. The Metric trunnion mount rear shock is custom-tuned to work with bikes suspension. Delivering an efficient climbing platform in climbing mode, but then turn a race-ready descender when in open mode. The Shimano pedal-assist drive system makes getting up the hills faster.

Watch this 3D animation to explore the fame and technology used for this dual-sus e-bike: YouTube

Key frame features

  • Rear travel 140mm (which can be increased to 160mm)
  • Short offset fork for increased stability
  • Long dropper post compatible
  • Modern Geometry that gives the rider stability on fast descends
  • Custom proprietary rock link
  • Integrated motor mount for a lighter but stiffer frame
  • Washer free suspension, for less maintanance
  • Progressing leverage ration for bottom-out resistance

S-Electro Pro, E-Bike, Why its best, dual suspension bike.
Why it is best

We have just launched an e-Gravel bike: S-Electro Gravel

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Why it is best: S-Electro Fat

S-Electro fat bike - Silverback Bikes


Why It Is Best: S-Electro Fat

Silverback Electro Tech #BornToBeElectric

It is no secret that the S-Electro FAT is a Best In Class E-bike. In fact, we think the S-Electro design is a real match made in recreational heaven.

This highly capable, E-Bike utilizes the Bafang Max M400 motor with intuitive controls. This, coupled with monster truck wheels, is guaranteed to have you venturing. Snow, sand or mud, in short, the S-Electro fat has no limit.

S-Electro Fat brings Best In Class to e-fatbikes. Packed with all the premium features you’d expect. Not to mention large rotors, and powerful brakes, giving the bike greater stopping power. Along with the SBC carbon fatbike fork, further key features include dropper post compatibility and a lightweight frame. Therefore making this a fun and capable e-bike with all the benefits of a normal fatbike.

fatbike, snow, mtb, s-electro fat
S-Electro fat is anyone’s adventure

Key Features

  • Silverback semi-integrated battery alloy frame.
  • Optimised geometry and internal cable routing, featuring smooth welds.
  • Tapered head tube for optimal stiffness
  • SBC Carbon rigid fork with 150mm O.L.D thru axle
  • Boost FAT hub spacing 12 x 197mm rear with thru axle.
  • Shimano XT 10 speed RD-M786 Shadow Tech. Plus rear derailleur with Deore 10 Speed Trigger Shifter.
  • Bafang Max Drive FAT e-bike system, 36V, 80Nm, integrated crankset.
  • Custom rubber battery cover. .
  • SUNringlé Mulefüt 80 tubeless ready rims with VEE Tire Bulldozer 26 x 4.7 tubeless ready tyres.
  • Compact chainstays with XC inspired geometry improves agility and ride quality.
  • Shimano BL-M315/BR-M425 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors front and rear.
  • Narrow Q-factor, more natural feeling when pedaling similar to a normal Shimano crankset.
  • Seat tube bottle bosses for on-bike hydration.
  • In line with Silverback’s BIC and ARD philosophies – more HERE

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S-Electro Pro: Our first dual suspension, trail e-bike.



S-Electro, modern geometry, ebike, e-bike
Featuring Position of Power geometry (POP)

Designed using similar geometry as our enduro ready machine, the Slider. The S-Electro Pro features our POP geometry, coupled with a modified Horst Link suspension layout.

The S-Electro Pro is a highly capable long-travel 29” eBike that is also compatible with 27.5” wheels.

The Metric trunnion mounts rear shock is custom-tuned to work perfectly with this bike. Providing you with an efficient climbing platform in climbing mode, and a race-ready descender when in open mode on the S-Electro. Watch this 3D video that shows the technology: VIDEO.

The Shimano pedal assists drive system makes getting to the top of the trails a lot easier. So save your energy for the downhills. Hooligan machine charged.  

Dropper post compatible

Key frame Features:

  • 140mm rear travel but can be increased to 160mm
  • Short offset fork, giving the rider increased stability
  • Long dropper post compatible
  • Modern / Progressive geometry for a comfortable and powerful ride
  • Custom designed rocker link for function and form
  • Rear suspension integrated motor mount
  • Quick battery access
  • Two bearing sizes used throughout
  • Progressive leverage ration for bottom-out resistance

Also check out our the S-Electro Fat: HERE

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Debbie’s story: Rheumatic Heart

Debbie with her S-Electro Trail - Silverback Bikes


At the age of six years old she developed rheumatic fever, which damaged her heart valves. Now age 54, she considers herself lucky to have no heart attacks nor any heart valve replacements. Only prescribed Penicillin for about 6 months.

“being a very active person, my heart rate would reach 145bpm and it would feel like I cannot get enough oxygen.”

Debbie Adams

Debbie is currently living in Swaziland and recently made the best decision of her life. 3 Kids later and still motivated to be active and to keep up with her friends on the bike.

S-Electro Trail

She decided to buy herself a Silverback S-Electro TRAIL bike. Her friends would be very concerned that she would get a heart attack any time soon because she always wanted too and believes she can keep up with her riding crew. Most of all she didn’t want to give up doing what she loves.

Being very involved in running and swimming she had to take a step back and care for her health. It is vital that she keeps her heart rate below dangerous levels, with no risk of a heart attack. “it is the best thing I have ever done, I love my bike,” says Mrs. Adams.

The S-Electro TRAIL bike is like a match made in heaven for Debbie, “ It charges really quickly to 80% and helps me venture where ever I want to go.”

“Fortunately, my job requires me to be outdoors and be active,” she adds. Eating healthy and keeping fit would be the top two requirements for the start of a better life.

S-Electro Trail, e-bike
The S-Electro Trail brings uncompromised climbing and descending prowess to trail e-bikes.

Rheumatic heart disease facts

  • The global burden of disease caused by rheumatic fever and RHD currently falls disproportionately on children and young adults. Especially those living in low-income countries, accounting for 233,000 deaths annually.
  • At least 15.6 million people are estimated to be currently affected by RHD. A a significant number of them requiring repeated hospitalization and, unaffordable, heart surgery in the next five to 20 years.
  • The worst affected areas are sub-Saharan Africa, south-central Asia, the Pacific and indigenous populations of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Up to 1 percent of all schoolchildren in Africa, Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean region, show signs of the disease.
  • Globally, up to 80 million people suffer from RHD. Up to 460,000 people die from RHD each year, with nearly 300,000 new cases detected every year. However, cases of rheumatic fever go greatly underreported

Source: Spice4life

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