NEW Video: What is Asymmetry?

What is asymmetry and how do we use in bike design?

On a bicycle, the drivetrain is on the right side, the brake calipers on the left side, and the suspension (usually) around the centre. When riding, the environment influences the wheels, consequently the suspension and frame. When braking, it inflicts major forces on the left side of the bike, whereas acceleration and pedaling affects the right side of the bike.

Asymmetric design does away with the conventional stigma that a frame drive side should mirror the non-drive side. Reinforcing where it is needed and using less material where it isn’t. Allowing product engineers to create a lighter but stiffer frame.

Asymmetry in action

Our recently released, Statos models is, of course, an excellent example of a purpose engineered asymmetrical frame. Resulting in a unique looking, lightweight XC race machine, strong enough to take on modern XCO and XCM courses. View the full Stratos Range HERE.

Nothing in nature is symmetric, riding forces are not symmetric so why should your bike be? Find out more about asymmetry in bike design by watching our brand new video: What is asymmetry?

Watch the full video: HERE

How can Asymmetry be used on a bicycle to make it better?

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