Have you Ever Had One of Your Bikes Stolen? [Survey]

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Bike Theft! Have you had it happen to you?

There’s no worse feeling than having an item that brings such joy and personal attachment stolen by someone who we assume will never appreciate the bike as much as we do. As more and more people take to the roads on bicycles – for both commuting and fitness purposes – there has been a rise in the number of related robberies.

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Have you Ever Had One of Your Bikes Stolen?

Now that your favorite thing is not here anymore and you statistically unlikely to recover it. There are few things that can be done to higher your chances of finding a stolen bike which is not always clear during this worrying time. Bicycles are hard to track. The sad truth that is not a priority for the police.

Find Your Bike

  1. Make sure to notify the police – stolen bicycles are sometimes recovered.
  2. Set up alerts – use social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because people tend to share such messages very quickly.
  3. List your bike stolen – use various online organization to register your bike and inform them your bike has been stolen.
  4. File an insurance claim – Hopefully you covered by your household insurance or have some sort of insurance policy.

It is a real bummer to have your bike stolen. It may happen to most of us over the course of our cycling lifetime. Remember, the worst thing one can do is to stop riding.


1 thought on “Have you Ever Had One of Your Bikes Stolen? [Survey]

  1. Got bike-jacked while riding in the “veld” by two guys armed with a knife and screwdriver. They pushed me over and took everything i had on me – my phone, Wahoo Bolt and sadly my custom built Sola 1 race bike.

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