How do I service and maintain a dropper post?

If you are a mountain biker mud and dust is a part of the game. It doesn’t matter how regularly you wash your bike, dirt gets into just about everything.

To prolong your dropper seatpost’s lifetime and to keep it running smoothly, a regular service is required. This is something your local bike shop can do for you but if you prefer to do it yourself. Here is a video that explains how to service and maintain your Surface Dropper seat post.


Here is what you need for this service:

How often should you service your dropper post?

We suggest you wipe down your seat post after every ride and monitor the ‘feel’. If your dropper starts feeling a bit sticky, its time for a service. Most likely about twice a year but if you have been riding in very muddy, wet or dusty terrain, we recommend opening up your seat post and checking that its still clean inside. If not, its time for a service.

Stratos AL models fitted with the Surface Dropper Seatpost:

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