Jennie Stenerhag wins unplanned mtb races in Sweden

Swedish rider, Jennie Stenerhag, riding for ABRO in Sweden decided on the last minute to enter two races in preparation for European Champs in two weeks time.

On Friday the 21st June 2019, Jennie Stenerhag started the Orsabajk’n race with some Swedish Elites.

Stenerhag completed the 25km, high speed and non-stop MTB race in a time of 54 minutes.

“It saw my highest average heart rate in a very long time. It was a good turn out and very tough competition,” says Jennie.

“I kept an eye on Linn who I saw as the biggest competition. We sat with the guys in the beginning but after a few kilometres I managed to go in front of Linn and when I looked back, I did not see anyone. But a bit later a small bunch caught me and another guy and Linn were there. I rode as hard as I could to keep up with the guys and finally, I didn’t see Linn anymore”

Jennie Stenerhag



Two days later, Jennie took part in the #GesundaMTBChallange which was 72km long and filled with lots of hills in Dalarna, Sweden.

Jennie’s plan was to leave with a good day of training with the men, “ It was fast from the start and I could feel the last few days’ training and race in the legs and it took a while for me to get started,” adds Jennie.

“It was a really good training weekend with 2 hard races, and I feel that the form is on its way in time for European Championship”

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Missed Jennies last race? Catch up HERE.

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