Jennie Stenerhag wins Birkebeinerittet in Norway

The Swedish marathon champion wins the women’s elite Birkebeinerittet MTB race by an overwhelming margin.

Jennie Stenerhag won the 2019 Birkebeinerittet MTB Race on Saturday the 31st August in Norway.

She finished the 86km race in a time of 3:06:20 with a two-minute lead on her opponents. Jennie was able to shake off the road expert, Ingrid Lorvik.

Winner of the 2019 2019 Birkebeinerittet MTB Race

“I was able to take home the first sprint prize and Ingrid was the only one to follow,” explains Stenerhag after the Birkebeinerittet MTB Race .

“I was really nervous in the morning, even though I am starting to think that the more nervous I am, the better it will go,” says Jennie.

The 2 first women over the finish line

Photo Credit: 2019 Birkebeinerittet MTB Race

“I have always wanted to be able to ride solo at Birken and now, I could finally do it! It was a good feeling to cross the line and receive the flowers after the 70 kilometers solo ride,” she adds.

Jennie decided to race her Silverback Superspeed SBC bike.

Stay up to date with Silverback Rider Jennie’s upcoming Races: CLICK HERE

Top 3 women’s elite at the 2019 Birkebeinerittet MTB Race:
1. Jennie Stenerhag, Sweden, 3:06:20 
2. Ingrid Lorvik, CK Victoria / Hitec Products-Birk Sport, 3:08:29 
3. Elisabeth Sveum, Kloppa Offroad Club, 3:14:25 
3. Stine Hasund Eid, Kloppa offroad club, 3:14:25

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  1. I am very happy, congratulations!!! ????

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