Kristina wins Slovakian National XCM MTB Champs

Second-year on the podium.


Kristina Koscova won The Slovak National MTB Marathon Championships 2019 on Saturday for the second year in a row.

Earning the rights to wear her national colors for the next 12 months again.

“My intention was to defend my title from last year so I could wear the Slovak national Champs jersey for another year. I accomplish the mission,” says Kristina.

Riders fought for the UCI points relevant for the eligibility of the participants in the 2020 Olympics.

XCM MTB Championships.
Slovakian National XCM MTB Championships


Jennie Stenerhag won the 2019 Skaidi Xtreme on Saturday in the Northern regions of Norway.

She finished the 42km MTB race in a time of 2 hours and 44 minutes, 5 minutes ahead of the Olympic mountain bike champion, Gunn-Rite.

Photo by Anders Abrahamsen

“It was probably the longest climb of the course and at the top, we were together. I went full speed on the downhill, since it was so wet and slippery down to the finish area, as we passed for the second time. I was about 20 seconds behind,” adds Jennie.

“Deciding to go very hard for a short bit to try and getaway. It worked, and she let go and I could increase the gap. I didn’t see her anymore. This extend the lead all the time and I finally won by about 5 minutes,” she explained after the race.

Jennie Stenerhag on the Silverback Stratos SBC

“It felt very nice to win this race, it is very special and nowhere else have I done a route like this. It is bumpy all the time and you must be careful not to put your front wheel in a hole or get stuck in the mud, which did happen a few times. This time it was so wet that it made things much worse. It is so incredibly tough, and you work the whole time,” said Stenerhag.

Skaidi Xtreme is not only a MTB race but an experience. A raw, real and untouched terrain grate, in beautiful surroundings.

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