Luke Moir 4th in the World Junior Series Canada #3 + Jennie wins Langa Lugnet XCM

Baie-Saint-Paul Canada Cup XCO [UCI Junior Series]


Luke Moir finished fourth in a very competitive race at the Baie-Saint-Paul Canada Cup XCO (UCI Junior World Series) on Saturday the 1st of June. 

The young South African rider completed the four-lap course in 1:25:21 with a 4”12” gap from being third.

Luke Moir rode the Silverback Stratos, “the bike had no mechanicals and was great,” says Luke. 

Moir raced in a new category for the first time this year and being the youngest, this has been a brilliant experience for him & his future.

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Junior World Series course


Jennie Stenerhag won the Långa Lugnet XCM race yesterday in Sweden

Racing the Silverback Stratos & riding for ABRO in Sweden completed the 62km in a time of 2:45:00. 

“After a few kilometers on the second loop Hanna put the hammer down on a rooty single track and I could see that Emmy started to look tired, so as we started a short climb I went to the front and pushed hard,” says Jennie.

Jennie Stenerhag won Langa Lugnet XCM Sweden

“It was a battle with Hanna Cykel but with 12km to go. I managed to get away and take the win. Thank you for all the cheering out on the course, I really enjoyed racing at home,” says Jennie.

“I felt strong and knew the last loop inside out so I just kept pushing hard on all the climbs to make the gap grow and finally I could not see her,” adds Jennie. 

Jennie Stenerhag has won the last 24 races in the Swedish XCM Series since 2014! We are holding thumb that she makes it 25.

She will be prepping for the European XCM Champs in Norway on the 6th July 2019.

Jennie Stenerhag won Langa Lugnet XCM Sweden

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