Mercedes cars & Silverback Bikes Give’s Riders a Demo Day


Luxury vehicle manufacturer Mercedes once again hosted their annual a test drive day at their office in Germany. The event took place on Sunday the 21st of October in, Esslingen Germany. Being neighbors to this industry giant, we decided to get involved. This year we decided to partner with them. Therefore we gave each person who tests drives a vehicle the opportunity to test one of our bicycles.

This monster truck e-bike is one of the most ‘fun’ bikes we have and was well received by the public. Visitors had the choice to test either of the high-performance machines, whether they want to drive or ride. Also, with more than a handful available cars and Silverbacks’ proprietary E-FatBikes.

It was a free event for the public to attend on Sunday morning to the early afternoon.

silverback selectro fat e bike
Silverback S-Electro E-FatBike: Get The Bike
Mercedes in Germany

Elena Retief, Head of International Communications says, “this is the first of many events to happen and we are definitely excited about Silverback’s future. We believe partnership is important and therefore Mercedes is one of the brands we love to partner with. Our philosophy to deliver the best possible product is similar to theirs”

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