Mountain bike of the year 2020: Silverback Stratos

It has been just over a month since the Design & Innovation Award committee announced the Silverback Stratos CF 1 as mountain bike of the year for 2020. AND we are still celebrating! Our latest video captures the award selection process, as well as highlighting real-world racer feedback.

Why are we so proud? / Reason to boast?

The Design & Innovation Award is the only award in the cycling industry that ignores marketing and technical jargon. A team of experts put every product to the test, pushing them to their limits on the toughest terrain. The Swiss Alps to be exact! Having a Design & Innovation Award logo on our bike is truly an authentic seal of approval. Not only did they like the concept, but the Stratos out also preformed all the other mountain bikes on the market.

Read the Design & Innovation Award Juror’s verdict HERE

What makes the Stratos so unique?

Our latest linkage driven single pivot suspension, called ‘Burst Flex’, features an oversized tapered pivot and flex rear stays. This eliminates additional bearing sets and cuts down weight. Except for being lighter, the unique trapezoidal asymmetric frame design is optimized for stiffness and strength. This means that every ounce of power put into the pedals are working to drive the bike forward.

Find out more about the design and testing process of the Stratos HERE

Stratos CF 1 - Design & Innovation award winner - Silverback Bikes
Mountain bike of the year 2020: Silverback Stratos CF1

The proof is in the titles

Current cross-country junior world champion Luke Moir has been riding the Stratos SBC for over 6 months now. When chatting to our content team, he described the bike as a climbing bike that “climbs like a hardtail” and descends like his enduro bike on the downhills; “it is just a bit easier, to throw around”.

Jennie Stenerhag, 7 X Swedish national marathon champion, rode the Stratos for the first time in preparation for the 2019 ABSA Cape Epic. After two weeks on the bike, Jennie fell in love with it.

“It is basically a climbing bike, it has helped me a lot with that”

Jennie Stenerhag

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