Mountain Bikes

Cross Country

Stratos CF

Breaking through the stratosphere. Asymmetric carbon frame, POP geometry and BURST Flex suspension on a super light race machine. Stratos has laser-like focus on XC and marathon domination.

Stratos AL

Featuring a linkage driven single pivot suspension platform and completely asymmetric frame, the Stratos AL is the alloy counterpart to the carbon podium topper. The AL's geometry and suspension travel is slightly adapted to offer a more balanced ride to weekend warriors and racers alike.


Sesta was designed to be a fast, efficient XC and marathon platform. BURST technology provides seamless grip, comfort and control.


Featuring Monoburst technology, Superspeed is Silverback's technologically advanced XC race hardtail platform.


Based on the Sesta platform, the Sido provides a fast alloy cross country and marathon bike that eats up distance efficiently.


The Sola alloy range is designed for the performance oriented and weight conscious cross country rider.


Lightweight, comfortable and with a race pedigree to boot, the Storm is a 29er carbon hardtail that is equally at home on a long marathon stage or your local outrides.