Mtb cup series XCO #6 UCI C1 race in Austria


Luke Moir claimed victory in the junior men at the sixth round of the SA MTB Cup Series XCO in Pietermaritzburg, on the 16th June 2019.

He finished the five laps in a time of 1:07:44, putting Johan Van Zyl into second & Tristan Nortjie to round off the podium.

Mariske Strauss completed the five-lap course in 1:19:18 putting her into second place & Candice Lill finishing in first place.

Mariske Strauss, SA MTB Cup Series XCO in Pietermaritzburg

“Happy with my progress and super thankful for the amazing support”, says Mariske Strauss.

“Managed to get myself to 2nd place today. The light is starting to shine through this tunnel I’ve been going through,” adds Mariske.

Both Silverback Riders raced on the brand new Stratos Machine.

Photos by: BOOGS Photography

In Austria

Silverback Swiss rider, Nicola Rohrbach raced at the UCI C1 race in Windhaag Bei Perg, Austria.

Nicola finished the 31km race in the seventh position with a time of 1:25:00.

The field was filled with international riders from Italians, Austrians & German riders.

 Nicola Rohrbach, UCI C1 race in Windhaag Bei Perg, Austria

” The  Race winner was world ranked number 1 Gerhard Kerschbaumer,” says Nicola.

“The first 2 laps I was with riding with the leaders in a group of 5. I then had to stop in the technical zone to fix a problem on the bike, adds Nicola.

” This is my first time here and must say this track is really cool,” says Nicola.

Rorhrbach was able to walk away with some important UCI points.

Nicola Rohrbach, UCI C1 race in Windhaag Bei Perg, Austria

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