Inspiring the B2B Network

Inspiring the B2B Network

8/23/2017 | Corne

Silverback drives Engaging Content to the B2B Network

As Silverback rapidly grows across the globe we need to work closely with our partners in 49 countries. Our success is tied to the success of our partners, and by working together we can realise the goal of becoming the most valued brand by 2020.

To that end the Silverback B2B Department has been mandated and empowered to drive this global expansion to all of our partners.

First, we need to take a look at the basics of what B2B Marketing entails. In the simplest terms the definition of B2B Marketing is: “The process by which businesses employ a multi-layered strategy consisting of web communications, email, media campaigns, and relationship management for the purpose of converting targeted business prospects into customers and to maintain the ongoing relationship between the parties.”

In the Silverback context it is to establish, maintain and grow the relationship between us and our Distributors and Dealers.

The question might be asked: “Why focus on the B2B Market and not only focus on the B2C market?”. The answer is simple. For any company to grow, and keep growing, it needs to look at all the points of engagement of the end customer. This includes, but is not limited to, the online environment and the instore environment.

To do this we have developed key processes and platforms to better grow the Silverback brand in cooparation with our partners. These process are both inbound & outbound and relies on the cooperation of all the departments at Silverback.

Lets look at our outbound communication first. Silverback is expanding rapidly, both in market share, market presense and staff complement. This puts us in the position where we can create content faster and more frequently that before. Sharing this content with our partners so that they can in turn share it with their network is key to our growth. To make this easier, we developed the Portal. The Silverback Portal brings the world of Silverback to our partners in one convenient online location. The mission is to provide all Silverback business partners with a single point of entry that will allow them to conduct business or gather information specific to their needs. Using the rich resources of Silverback, they can download content to enhance the instore experience, their websites or social networks. It is also the key place to learn about new developments (both product & marketing) and to get the latest news about our pro race teams.

The outbound communication is not only limited to the Portal. The B2B Department send our regular communication via email that touches and key areas. This includes product and team news, but also covers key aspects to ensure the marketing message gets shared. A key part of this is link exchange. Much like a brick & mortar store closing when there are no feet in the door, a business will also suffer if there are no visits to the site. It is vitally important that Silverback and the Partners support each other through link exchange by placing a link to each other’s online presences. A customer is more likely to make a purchase if he can find as much information about the product they intend to purchase. This link exchange is a simple, but important way to share the Silverback Story.

The Portal is a large and multi-faceted tool so we have developed a range of tutorial videos to assist our network is using the Portal effectively.

By developing a platform to make the sharing of content easier, we have ensured we can be quicker to market with our communication.

However, our outbound communication will fall flat if we do not have key processes in place to handle inbound queries.

For this the Portal is also important. Using the Portal, our partners can view & order product, log FQA’s for warranties and use the Live Chat system to engage in real-time with a Silverback representative about topics such as Warranties, Marketing, Social Media and Sales to name just a few.

This puts the full might of Silverback at the fingertips of our partners to effectively gather as much content to grow the brand.

Silverback places a large importance on the B2B communications. A company cannot grow in isolation, and needs the assistance of invested partners to realise our shared goals.

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