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Cycling is a pleasing way to keep fit and have fun with friends and family. At the same time is can be scary to share the road with cars and big trucks. We all know or have heard of some one that was involved in a crash, big or small. So why not ride where there are fewer cars or none.

Here are a few great bike roads around the world where you can enjoy auto-free bliss on your bike:

Bain’s Kloof Pass, Western Cape - It is a 26,8KM in length from the bridge over the Breede River to the outskirts of Wellington. It is one of South Africa’s finest scenic passes.

Otago Central Rail Trail, New Zealand – This stretch is 150KM of a golden history. This trail is lined with great character-filled with pubs and many B&BS.

Boracay Bike area , Philippines – The length is 6KM on this small island & if you decide to ride the entire island it shouldn’t take you more than 3 hours and explore all the attractions. This destination is on a small island and best to travel to beaches.

Confederation Trail, Canada – The smallest province in Canada and did you know that cars was once banned on the island. This trail is 470KM bike path that goes through the heart of the island.

Åland islands, Finland – This is another ideal cycling vacation. Aland Island is filled with experience and the sea always present.

Burgundy Voie Verte, France – This route distance is 70KM. The road can be completed over one or two days of cycling. It threads through vineyards and passes through the 17th-century Chateau de Cormatain, through a tunnel. There are some low & steep climbs in the south.

So, driving in a cars can be too fast & on foot and can be to slow. Pedaling on a Silverback through scenic views is just right.

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