Woman In Cycling

Woman In Cycling

10/2/2017 | Temarah

Annie Last has made it believable that it is ancient history...

Let’s face it woman are awesome! In a male dominated sport there is a woman out there changing the game.  Male cyclists may be taking home most of the trophies when it comes to cycling like Greg Van Avermaet or Peter Sagan but Last has shown us that females cyclists can change the game.

Recently Annie Last, who has been riding Silverback for a good while now, rose to public attention by being the first British Female in 20 years to have won the UCI Mountain Bike Cross - Country World Cup since Caroline Alexander took victory at St Wendel, Germany in 1997.

Years ago, Last a young British woman with a passion for a challenge and cycling started to enter races & since youth Last won her first senior MTB title in 2010 and she successfully defended her title in 2011. She was  then chosen as a female competitor in the cross country mountain bike event for the Great Britain team at the 2012 Summer Olympics where she then went on to taking 8th place!  So early in her career she was selected to compete in an adult competition instead of the under-23 events which she was normally eligible to enter. Her cycling profession was already looking bright.

8 years ago she joined the British Cycling team which got her many sponsors from Silverback competitors. Her whole eagerness and motivation for cycling materialized from her brother Tom, who was a professional mountain biker and road cyclist. Time was not flexible for her to study medicine and follow her bike passion.  She postponed her university studies and quickly got results on two wheels.

Being one of the top females in the game as a woman’s cross-country rider, if anything hits you off your bicycle it is hard to gain traction again as per any sport. Last is a true humble and strong female that will not allow anything to get her despondent. Her back injury which was identified in 2013 which was thought to be manageable, but by July Last decided to stop racing. This was something she felt may have put her a few years back, ‘I had a really long time away from racing and training and it was not a nice experience - but it really did highlight to me how much I want to win mountain bike races. I spent the time away from the sport doing rehab and all the non-fun, non-rewarding bits.” At this point it may have seemed like it is a bite of more than you can chew. As a cross-country racer and being very ambitious, if you believe you can it is no legend.

We can learn that no matter what curve balls life throws at us as a woman, we have to push and attract what we want specially which was considered once a man’s world - we have to follow it through and attract what the mind feels, “it was an extremely frustrating period but a period where I learned a lot about myself.’

In her darkest days she was planning on how she is going to get on the podium again. At this point while she was in recovery, she also qualified to take part in the Olympics Games Rio 2016 and it was time for her to wheel across the foothills and make history, ‘I don’t know if it’s going to happen or not but that’s what I’m aiming for.”

Last only escalated since then and this year she became the first British lady to win the UCI Mountain Bike Cross-country World cup. The friendly podium finisher is now an ambassador to Novus OMX Pro Team since 2016. “Good equipment to race and train on is really important, I want to get back to the front of races and compete with the best in the world, so having bikes and equipment that is some of the best in the world is key.’

Silverback is the official bike sponsor of the internationally successful OMX Pro Bike Team. Silverback Bikes has designed the best SBC Range which is tested, and raced with the OMX Pro Bike Team. Our in-house developer has made sure that their bikes will exceed the extreme demands of World Cup XCO and Marathon racing. We are happy to have a humble being to our journey. Silverback SBC bikes have been raced by the OMX Pro Team at the 2012 & 2016 Olympic Games, as well as many UCI World Cups.

27 year old Olympic and World Cup elite racer Annie Last had numerous accomplishments and this is only another start for her. Every cloud has a silver lining and Annie Last ended the season with a silver medal at the World cup Championships 2017 in Cairns, Australia.

Her ultimate goal is it win more bike races & tackle more technical challenging trails. We believe Last is on the right trail & is heading there the born to be fast way. So, to the women out there, accepting that this game is built for male only – Last has made it believable that it is ancient history. No matter what you do or how you make money, striving past what was once thought to be made for men only, women represent the best in the game—whatever that game happens to be.


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