Brand Ambassador, Cornel in the USA

Brand Ambassador, Cornel in the USA

2019-07-10 | Temarah

Get to know The Night Harvest Best Trick Winner, Cornel Swanepoel.

  • How did you get into to mountain biking?

Since I was a small boy. I always liked riding bikes. As I got older a few friends and I started riding together and started doing jumps with the bicycles. The more we did it, the more I liked riding and ever since then I just always wanted to progress and get better and I just never want to stop.

  • Which Silverback are you riding now?

I am riding the Silverback SCHULLY PROTOTYPE Dirt Jump Bike and the Silverback SLIDER LT 1.

Cornel doing wheelies on his Slider LT 1 bike on the rooftop in The Dalles, Oregon.

  • Mention all the trails you experienced in the states.

Post canyon - My favorite. Over 40 miles of trials and single tracks and jumps waiting to be ridden.

Syncline trial in Washington - Single track with a good rocky ride down one of the hills.

Eagle caves – It’s super fun single-track riding waiting up the cliffs in The Dalles, Oregon.

Brand Ambassador, at the top of the Syncline Trailhead.

  • Do you have a job outside mountain biking?

I have a full-time Job as a Boilermaker. I work at HG Molenaar in South Africa. It’s a food and beverage engineering company.

  • What are your strengths?

I learn quickly when I see how it works. Always full of energy and keen to do anything adventurous.

  • What is your weakness?

Spiders & not enough riding bikes.

Cornel at the Hellsend Dirt Compound. Photo Credit On Instagram: @afreakineric 

  • What has been your worst crash over the years?

I was riding at my local spot. I did a No Foot can over one jump. Ended up crashing hitting my head quite hard and woke up in the hospital a couple of hours later.

  • Has trail riding and your dirt jumping been your first choice?

Used to be just normal but MTB riding when I was really young. When I started dirt jumping it all changed to Dirt jumping. Dirt jumping is my first choice!

Cornel practicing.

  • How hard is it to compete in this discipline?

I’d say it is really hard. It doesn’t matter how hard you train. Anything can go wrong anytime and the whole event can be spoiled.

  • What new tricks are you working on?

I’m focusing more on combination tricks at this moment. A couple of 360 variations. 360 tail whip, really want my 360 tuck no handers dialed. 360 tobaggon. Backflip barspin and Backflip tailwhip.

Cornel Wins Best Trick at the MONSTER 2019 Night Harvest on his Silverback Schully. Photo Credit on Instagram: @afreakineric

  • Which part of your plans worked out the best and what was the biggest surprise that you didn’t even notice when you were going in?

Definitely a highlight and a top point of my riding career. 2019 Night Harvest when I attempted a 720 I only landed once in my life. I rolled in and landed the 720 perfect at The Night Harvest ended up winning the Best Trick.

  • What is your favorite non-bike website?


  • What is your favorite motto or saying?

Send It!

  • What makes you happy?

I love it to see people smile or laugh or if I can make people smile or laugh.

  • What is your favorite bike at Silverback now?

Really difficult. I love my Silverback SCHULLY PROTOTYPE jump bike the most, but my SLIDER LT 1 is just as amazing.

  • Plans for the future?

I would love to move to Europe or Canada to ride a bike or travel the world with my bike. Even just finding a job in either of these countries I would move and use every opportunity to ride a bike as much as I can and explore the world as much I can.

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