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Why You Are Never Too Old To Ride A E-Bike

Remember the excitement you had of riding a bicycle as a child? Who said those days are over? Anyone can now enjoy the thrill of riding a bike again with the Silverback Electric bicycle range. The entire S-Electro range features

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Adventure photos to fuel your wanderlust

Find your next adventure! Just one trip, one excursion, one taste. This is for the thrill-seekers out there. Those who enjoy the journey equally as much as the destination. Those who enjoy exploring new terrain and venturing off the beaten

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Brand ambassador, Cornel in the USA

Get to know the Night Harvest best trick winner, Cornel Swanepoel. How did you get into mountain biking? Since I was a small boy. I always liked riding bikes. As I got older a few friends and I started riding


Bike Packing: Solo in his Sola

Go bike packing and escape the city life Go far beyond the tar and deep into the countryside for a great backpacking adventure. Into the scenic farmlands, dusty routes and welcoming pedestrians for a truly memorable ride. Christoff Els, a

Silverback Fairtree, ABSA Cape Epic prologue

Women’s nutrition

5 NUTRITIONAL DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN CYCLIST It is obvious that there are physiological differences between men and women. Have you ever thought about how this affects our nutrition when on the bike? Here is a list of key

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10 Reasons you need a fatbike

We have compiled a list of ‘must ride’ places around the world, that only a fatbike is suited for. The Wicklow coast of Ireland stretches the length of the country providing 60kms of spectacular scenery. The coastline covers soft sand,

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Staying motivated to ride

NEW MONTH MEANS FOCUSING ON A NEW CYCLING GOAL With all cooler or warmer days ahead, how do we keep motivated and inspired to cycle during the changing seasons? Here are a few ways to set your mindset during the


Explore Dubai by bike

Known as a world-class shopping destination, with fast cars and ultra-modern buildings, Dubai is not known as a sporting capital. We do however know that there is no better way to explore a country than on a bicycle. Therefore we

Silverback Silder LT1 packed in a travel bag

Shredding trails in Asia – Ride Rate Review

Check out the lastest video form Ride Rate Review. Exploring the road less traveled with Ride Rate Review! Trails, gravel and abandoned dirt roads of Malaysia have never been this exciting. Whilst only carrying essential gear with Ride rate Review