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Shaun-Nick Bester - Silverback Sesta

Switching From Road To Mountain Biking

“I DECIDED THERE AND THEN, I NEEDED A CHANGE IN SCENERY.” Years after having done the UCI World Championships Road Race. The European professional road cycling where he competed against the best riders in the world. Shaun-Nick Bester then became

Silverback Sesta SBC

Dealing With Pre-Race Jitters

AS THE BIG EVENT APPROACHES, CALM YOUR NERVES AND EASE YOUR FEARS WITH THESE TIPS TO HANDLE PRE-RACE ANXIETY AND RELAX ON RACE DAY. Pre-race jitters. We all know the feeling, butterflies in the stomach, nauseous and very anxious before

bike packing with the family - Silverback Bikes

Growing Up on A Bike: Bikepacking With Kids

GEAR UP & RIDE ON, GO BIKEPACKING! Bikepacking isn’t just about epic adventures with friends. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family. Even more, share life-formed experiences. I knew my wife and kids were strong enough

Riding long roads in Lesotho with the Silverback Sesta

Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho

ADVENTURES ON A SILVERBACK IN LESOTHO Fourie Rossouw is riding the 8th edition of the Lesotho Sky for the third time and he says every year he is retold how Lesotho’s trail is a mountain biker’s dreams. “Thank you, Silverback, for hooking

Superspeed - Inspirational woman - Silverback Bikes

Inspirational Women Of The Cycling World

LOOKING FOR A LITTLE MOTIVATION? WHATEVER HEALTHY CHANGE YOU WANT TO MAKE, IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO SEE THE BENEFITS We celebrate every inspirational woman who picks up a bike and rides for the sheer joy it brings them. Kristina

Mariske Strauss getting ready to ride - Silverback Bikes

Event – She’s Silverback Morning Ride

PRETTY TOUGH IN ASSOCIATION WITH TRAIL N TAR TOKAI. On the 7th August 2018, Silverback organized an event called PRETTY TOUGH at Trail n Tar Tokai in Cape Town, South Africa. In a largely residential suburb situated on the foothills of Constantiaberg.

Fields of flowers

The Wakefield’s

2500KM | 7 COUNTRIES | 6 EUROPEAN RIVERS A very happy semi-retired couple, born in the sixties and married for a wonderful 28 years. They decided to do what they love by going on an adventure. Having a strong desire

Mountain biking with a trail dog - Silverback Bikes

Anyone’s Adventure Video Release

BORN TO BE ELECTRIC! Cape Town, South Africa, July 25 – Silverback bikes best known for their lightweight carbon bicycles from Germany released their first E-Fatlike video – Anyone’s Adventure! The electric adventure was directed by Francoin Visser and Wesley