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Shaun-Nick Bester - Silverback Sesta

Switching From Road To Mountain Biking

“I DECIDED THERE AND THEN, I NEEDED A CHANGE IN SCENERY.” Years after having done the UCI World Championships Road Race. The European professional road cycling where he competed against the best riders in the world. Shaun-Nick Bester then became

bike packing with the family - Silverback Bikes

Growing Up on A Bike: Bikepacking With Kids

GEAR UP & RIDE ON, GO BIKEPACKING! Bikepacking isn’t just about epic adventures with friends. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family. Even more, share life-formed experiences. I knew my wife and kids were strong enough

Riding long roads in Lesotho with the Silverback Sesta

Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho

ADVENTURES ON A SILVERBACK IN LESOTHO Fourie Rossouw is riding the 8th edition of the Lesotho Sky for the third time and he says every year he is retold how Lesotho’s trail is a mountain biker’s dreams. “Thank you, Silverback, for hooking

Riding into the sunset with the Sola 3

One Man One World

BOLTENKO CYCLES AROUND THE WORLD One man one world – Boltenko started his Around The World Journey in Sochi, Russia, pedaling his way through Georgia to Turkey. From Central Europe, he made his way to visited Venice and Millan. His bicycle

Superspeed - Inspirational woman - Silverback Bikes

Inspirational Women Of The Cycling World

LOOKING FOR A LITTLE MOTIVATION? WHATEVER HEALTHY CHANGE YOU WANT TO MAKE, IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO SEE THE BENEFITS We celebrate every inspirational woman who picks up a bike and rides for the sheer joy it brings them. Kristina

Mariske Strauss getting ready to ride - Silverback Bikes

Event – She’s Silverback Morning Ride

PRETTY TOUGH IN ASSOCIATION WITH TRAIL N TAR TOKAI. On the 7th August 2018, Silverback organized an event called PRETTY TOUGH at Trail n Tar Tokai in Cape Town, South Africa. In a largely residential suburb situated on the foothills of Constantiaberg.

Fields of flowers

The Wakefield’s

2500KM | 7 COUNTRIES | 6 EUROPEAN RIVERS A very happy semi-retired couple, born in the sixties and married for a wonderful 28 years. They decided to do what they love by going on an adventure. Having a strong desire

Mountain biking with a trail dog - Silverback Bikes

Anyone’s Adventure Video Release

BORN TO BE ELECTRIC! Cape Town, South Africa, July 25 – Silverback bikes best known for their lightweight carbon bicycles from Germany released their first E-Fatlike video – Anyone’s Adventure! The electric adventure was directed by Francoin Visser and Wesley