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What size bike is right for my child?

Choosing the right size bike for your child is the most important. When you’re selecting a bike for your kid, kids bike sizing is all about the wheels size. Going too big or too small will cause problem for them like balancing and controlling the bicycle.

S-Electro Sport - Silverback Bikes

E-Bike: Silverback S-Electro 29 Sport

Taking a different spin on sport e-bike For 2020 our designers took the S-Electro Sport in a completely different direction. They changed the geometry, integrated the battery and used a lighter motor. This meant a lighter e-bike with an efficient

Lime shock pump born to be fast

BornToBeFast: Shock Pump

A Shock pump is one of those tools that every mountain bike owner should have in their toolbox. Suspension preferences vary greatly between bike, riders and riding disciplines and a well set up bike will enhance your on-trail experience where a

Silverback Spectra COMP 2019 bike - Silverback Bikes

Spectra Comp MTB Overview [New Video]

The Spectra Comp is the perfect entry bike to fast cross country riding or racing. A new lightweight alloy frame, tapered headtube, internal cable routing, and a tubeless ready wheelset means that Spectra brings you class-leading features at the right price.

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Bike Check: Eszter Bereczki’s Superspeed SBC

Bike Check with Romanian National Cross-country mountain bike champion Eszter Bereczki 19-year-old Eszter Bereczki from Oradea, Romania basically grew up on two wheels. She started racing in the big league with her father at the age of 13. Since then

XC Mountain bike - Stratos CF1, carbon, Silverback, asymmetric frame


Bred for the most demanding mountain bike courses across the world over. Designed from the ground up, the Silverback Stratos CF 1 will trounce any terrain. The asymmetric design dissipates load based on the magnitude as well as position, levitating

Different Stratos Aluminium options

The Stratos AL Range

The Stratos AL 1 The Stratos Aliminium range is strongly based on this philosophy with profiles favoring strength towards the non-drive side. The AL 1.0 is the mountain bike every recreational rider can enjoy. Silverback’s POP geometry makes it a

Sram XX1 Eagle - Silverback Bikes

Stratos Test Pilot Program In Action

On the 13th March 2019, we launched our Silverback Stratos Test Pilot program. These are a select group of male and female riders with a passion for bicycles. These riders will test and give valuable feedback on the platform, join