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Scalini - Silverback Bikes

Why It’s Best: Scalini

In a sport where marginal gains are everything and a second can be the difference between winning a losing, it is essential to have the right weapon. The key focus when designing the Scalini was to create an aerodynamic bicycle

E-bike - Silverback Bikes

Frequently asked e-bike questions

How long will the battery last? Can I wash it? What kind of maintenance does an e-bike require? With the growing popularity of electric bikes, you might be getting a little curious. Here is a list of questions we often

What is Asymmetry? -Silverback Bikes

NEW Video: What is Asymmetry?

What is asymmetry and how do we use in bike design? On a bicycle, the drivetrain is on the right side, the brake calipers on the left side, and the suspension (usually) around the centre. When riding, the environment influences

Ladies Specific bike - Splash 2 top-tube - Silverback bikes

Silverback Ladies Design (SLD)

Silverback Ladies Design (SLD) Anatomy studies has shown that on average, men are about 10% larger than women. They usually have longer limbs, bigger hands and their shoulders are broader than that of a female. With our Silverback Ladies Design

Stratos XCO Mountain Bike - Silverback Bikes

Asymmetric design

Asymmetric design: If the forces in the bike aren’t symmetrical, why should the bike be? On a bicycle, the drivetrain is mounted on the right side, the brakes on the left side, and the suspension (usually) around the centre. When

S-electro Gravel Ebike - Silverback Bikes

S-Electro Gravel

RIDE ALMOST EVERYWHERE, ON THE ROAD AND OFF IT. RIDE MORE & GO FURTHER! With its roots in gravel, the S-Electro GR encourages exploration without reservation. Going further and doing more, is not a question of if, but when. Fitted

Test Pilot, Silverback Stratos

Stratos Test Pilot Program

40 RIDERS GLOBALLY WILL GET TO TEST PILOT THE STRATOS – OUR NEW XC MACHINE! Being a test pilot will mean being the first riders to own, rider and give valuable feedback on the platform, discussions with SILVERBACK engineers –