Nicola Rohrbach claims 2nd in Spain


GoldWurst Silverback rider, Nicola Rohrbach claimed second place at the Super Cup Massi & Copa Catalana International Biking race on Saturday.

Rohrbach is ready for the Ciutat de Barcelona International Trofeu was a great setup for those who will be racing the World Cup in two weeks.

Nicola Rohrbach, Spain, XCO
Game face

From the start line, only Nicola Rohrbach was able to catch up with the Austrian champion.

Finally, David Valero attacked, and the GoldWurst Silverback cyclist suffered a fall that allowed Valero to take the win

On the course

“I had a nice battle till the last lap. Unfortunately, I crash in a corner 2km before the finish and couldn’t close the gap again, ‘adds Nicola.

“Finally, a good performance for myself. I’m happy about the 2nd place in this race,” race,” says Nicola.

Nicola Rohrbagh, Stratos, XCO
Navigating through the technical terrain

Nicola Rohrbach’s Bike

Nicola chose to use his Stratos SBC for this race. The POP (Position of Power) geometry that the Stratos features gives him maximum power on the climbs whilst giving him the optimal body weight position when descending down the technical course. The Burst Flex suspension that this bikes feature makes for a stiff, responsive, extremely light and agile race bike.

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