Nicola preps for Swiss Championships

It is a rapid-fire start to the season which means racers have to be on top from the very beginning.

We had a quick chat with Swiss rider, Nicola Rohrbach while he prepares for his race on his home turf this weekend:

How many Swiss champs have you raced?

I have raced in more than 10 Champs in my life.

What has been your best result?

I have finished 5th place in Elite men and a 3rd place in the Eliminator back in 2013.

Nicola Rohrbach, Superspeed, Silverback
Race-ready at the start-line in Albstadt.

 What are your goals for your 2019 season and Swiss XCO Champs this weekend?

I must take it easy because my allergy is a big problem this time of the year. If all goes well I believe I can be in the Top 5. The race this weekend expects a high level of performance.

You have been suffering from Allegories from the start of the season. How will you control that moving forward?

I have tried everything in my power, but I will have it under control by the weekend. The start of my season has been crazy and was not able to race consistently as I would want too. Moving forward, I am focusing a lot on the races to come in the month of July, August, and September where I will be able to perform way better based on last year.

Rohrbach, Nicola, Silverback, Superspeed
Nicola racing his Superspeed

Can you tell us something about your workouts? Kilometers, intensities, climbs, hours that you dedicate to training…

I love ringing bikes. I do most of my training on my Silverback of course.  50% is focused on XCO, 40% is on my road bike and 10% on trail bike.

My average hours on the bike per week is 16 – 18 hours. In one-year I do around 25 000 – 30 000 km.

As for training, do you prefer to train alone? Or are there certain training sessions in which you have your “group”?

Endurance training, I enjoy a lot in a group or a friend, so we can push each other.  When I train alone it is to focus on my quality.

Rohrbach, Nicola, Silverback, Superspeed
Nicola Rohrbach doing the final bike check.

How do you value the evolution of mountain bike from your point of view?

More people are riding each day and spending money on bicycles, which is great. Silverback is always coming out with new ideas and especially from the technical side.

What would Nicola Rohrbach do if he was not a professional cyclist?

“This is the hardest question out of them all.”

Nicola Rorhbagh, Race prep
Race prep

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