Preparing for the European XCM Champs: Jennie Stenerhag

6 Hul, European XCM Championships, Norway

Who are your current sponsors?

ÅBRO is my main sponsor while in Europe and Fairtree while in SA. My product sponsors are Silverback, Squirt cycling products, GripGrab, Ceetec, Enervit, Continental tyres, Spiuk, Kalas Wear, Nike Vision, Zen products, Gebiomized.

How has it been working with Silverback Bikes?

It has been good and I am very happy with my new Stratos and the Superspeed. It is nice to be part of the development of a new bike and being one of the first to ride it, it means a lot and is very special.

Jennie Stenerhag, Preparing for European XCM Championships, Norway

How many European XCM champs have you done?

I have only done the European XCM champs in 2014 and 2016.

What were you results in 2014 & 2016?

I was 5th in 2014 and 2nd in 2016.

Since the 2019 Cape Epic, have you made any changes to your Stratos bike? 

I have changed the stem from a 70mm to a 60mm and it made a huge difference and I regret not doing it before the Cape Epic. It was just not enough time to play around with the set up too much. I have also changed back to Continental tyres which gives me more confident since I feel that I get a better grip.

Jennie Stenerhag, Preparing for European XCM Championships, Norway

How excited are you for the public to get onto the new Stratos bike?

I have had so many questions about the bike and people coming up to me at races wanting to see it so I can’t wait to be able to tell people where they can go and buy one.

One week before champs, what kind of training are you doing?

No gym, it is very little training during the 5 days between my last race and the champs.

What is your focus regarding your form right now?

Now the main thing is to stay healthy and just maintain the form, a lot of rest and hopefully, the peak will be even higher.

At your last European champs in 2016, what was the one lesson you’ve learnt?

That anything is possible, I did not expect a medal then but managed to get the silver!

What is your goal for this year’s XCM Champs?

A medal is the goal.

Jennie Stenerhag, Preparing for European XCM Championships, Norway

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