Ride Magazine Reviews The SESTA PRO Eagle


The 2018 racing season is over and the Silverback SESTA has added over 100 titles and medals to its repertoire, including ABSA Cape Epic Podium finishes and National XCO wins. Now this beast has become more affordable: Sesta Pro Eagle.

We believe that this is the ultimate race machine if you want to be on the podium, but what do the experts have to say? We asked the editor of Ride Magazine, Tim Brink to give us his honest opinion on the SESTA Pro Eagle.

The Sesta begs to be ridden hard, and locking it all out over small rises made a big diggerence when chasing pesky KOMs.

Tim Brink – Ride Magazine

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The Sesta platfrom

The Sesta provides a fast cross country and marathon bike that eats up distance efficiently. The stiffness to weight ratio of the frame is excellent. It provides a good platform for the BURST technology to do its job in providing seamless grip, control and not to mention, comfort. The main pivot location is designed ideally for modern drivetrain configurations. The overall leverage ratio gives one a responsive feeling, coupled with small bump sensitivity and big hit control.

Tell us what you think of your Silverback. Visit the product pages and submit your review. 

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