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With its roots in gravel, the S-Electro Gravel encourages exploration without reservation. Going further and doing more, is not a question of if, but when. Fitted with a Bafang M800 drive unit, it offers the best of integration, while maintaining minimum weight compromise. Complimented by 11-Speed Apex, the drive system boasts 250W mid-drive power with variable assistance modes.  Accommodating up to 4 bottle cages, fender and rack mounts, the S-Electro Gravel is ready for any journey.

Bafang M800 e-bike battery on the s-electro gravel - Silverback Bikes


  • Integrated battery
  • SBC Carbon Fork
  • Integrated rack and fender mounts on frame and fork, as well as kickstand mount on seat, stays.
  • BAFANG M800 Mid Drive Motor 200wh, 55N.m
  • BAFANG 200Wh capacity, 3,5Hr recharge time.
  • 4x bottle compatibility – 2 on fork and 2 in front triangle.
  • Gravel focused geometry with responsive steering and improved stability
  • Increased wheelbase for better e-system weight distribution and balance.
  • Wheel Compatibility – 700C and 650B – Max tyre sizes 700C x 40C and 650B x 1,6”.
  • Super light SBC Carbon Fork.


How long will the battery last me?

The Lithium-Ion has a shelf life of 10 years however depending on how you use it, the battery should last between 2 and 5 years.

How long should the S-Electro Gravels battery last on a ride?

How long should the S-Electro Gravels battery last on a ride?
The Bafang M800 Mid drive system has 5 modes and support can be indexed incrementally. If you use the battery only on ascents and when accelerating within the speed limit, it will be sufficient for longer trips for up to 150 km.

Can I fly with my E-bike?

Sadly, the Lithium-Ion battery used on e-bikes are not allowed on an airplane. Aviation regulations state that you can not fly with a battery exceeds a capacity of over 160WH. If you are wanting to do a e-biking adventure in another country, we suggest you hire a battery for a local supplier.  

Do you have a love for adventure but not convinced that you need an E-Bike? Then check out our new carbon gravel bike: Siablo CF.

What size wheels can I use on the S-Electro GR?

The frameset is compatible with both 700C large volume tyres and 650B tyres. It is designed to fit a maximum size 700x42C and 650Bx2.0” tyre. For long distance riding, over moderate to easy terrain we recommend 700C tyres. While 650B tyres are more suitable for shorter rides with demanding terrain.

How long does it take to charge the battery on this electric gravel bike?

This system has a charge time of 3.5 hours to100% capacity.

Is it easy to maintain and clean?

The Bafang M800 motor is completely sealed and does not require any maintenance. Other than that you can wash the bike with soap and water just like any other bike. Just remember, spraying water on a bike at high pressure, will force water into places you don’t want it and grease out of places where you need it.

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