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Save time. Select bikes online – any time, any day.


Collect your bike when it suits you from your chosen dealer


We’ll first expertly assemble then professionally set up your bike (for a perfect fit) at the store you chose. This  services are free of charge.

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Your first Silverback bike service is on us!

The modern world has gone digital and so has shopping, even for your bicycle. However, we at Silverback believe human relationships are what matter most in life. Thus, we have sought the best means possible to integrate the digital shopping experience with human encounters. Enter Select & Collect, a unique way to shop online.


  • Expert, professional assistance at your point of pickup
  • Your bike will be expertly assembled as well as professionally set-up at your point of collection
  • Build a relationship with the dealer that will take care of your cycling needs
  • Online shopping 24/7
  • Collect your bike when it suits you
  • The full range is available
  • No-risk transaction policy: Direct EFT, Direct Debit, Paypal  (EU), Stripe (EU).
  • 14 days return policy (for all purchases in European Union)
  • Financing*: “JobRad” or with Santander Bank  (only possible within Germany). Please contact or by phone 07022 9777 818 before you place your Select & Collect order make sure all requirements for financing are met.


  • Shop for the extra items that you need with experienced staff to guide you
  • Errors in ordering can be easily rectified, no messy return and refund issues
  • Sometime in the future your bike will need servicing, it always helps to have a bike shop on your side
  • Browse online and shop for a bike when it suits you, no time pressure
  • Never miss a delivery again
  • Instant gratification at your convenience
  • Widest variety of Silverback stock available in your area to choose from
  • Know who you are paying and that your money is safe, you cannot be defrauded by online card scams 
Select & Collect - Silverback Bikes



The Service

Silverback offers a unique service called Select & Collect™. This service allows you to order and pay for your bike through the Silverback website. You can also arrange for your bike to be delivered to your chosen dealer. It will be assembled and set up for you by the dealer.

The Select & Collect Process

  1.  Visit and browse selection of bikes.
  2. If you find something you like, choose the correct size, the quantity of bikes and click on “Select & Collect ™”. Be sure about the size of the bike you order, visit our, “FIND YOUR FIT“, size guide.
  3. Your bike will be in your cart. You can continue to shop and add more bikes to your cart, or proceed to check-out.
  4. To proceed to checkout click on the shopping cart icon in the top menu.
  5. You will have to complete a form with your personal details.
  6. Once the form is complete, you will be requested to choose your pick-up location. This is the dealer to whom your bike will be sent, and from whom you will collect the bike once it is ready. You can choose your desired pick-up location from the drop-down menu.
  7. After confirming you pick-up location, you can choose your payment method.
  8. An email is automatically generated and sent to you, Silverback and the dealer containing all the relevant info pertaining to the sale.
  9. Once payment is confirmed, the bike is shipped from the Silverback Warehouse to the chosen dealer. This shipping cost is included in the final price you pay.
  10. From the moment you place an order on a bike in stock up to the time we dispatch that particular bike, it will take 1-2 days. If the bike you ordered should be temporarily out of stock, it will be dispatched as soon as it is back in stock. In this case, you will receive an email confirming the availability date. Information regarding availability of our bikes is available online. Alternatively, you can email:

the Select & collect dealer

  1. Upon arrival of the bike, the dealer expertly assembles the bike.
  2. The dealer shall then contact you to confirm a collection time for the bike.
  3. Upon collection of the bike, the dealer shall do a professional set-up according to your measurements to ensure the bike offers a comfortable ride.
  4. In case you are not happy with your purchase and would like to cancel it, you can return the bicycle to the dealer within 14 days. This is calculated from the date you have purchased it. Of course you are free to choose another model alternatively or to cancel the purchase. The bike needs to be in non- ridden condition at the time you return it to the dealer. For damage caused by inappropriate handling, we need to retain a compensation for lost value. In case you decide to cancel your order, the money will be returned to you via the same payment method you have used to purchase your bike
  5. We wish you a lot of happy moments with your dream bike from Silverback!