Silverback ambassador challenges #untamed ABSA Cape Epic again!


Q: How long have you been racing for?

A: Since I was 8 years old. I am 42 years old man and still love to train and race on my bike as fast as I can.

Q: So this is your 4th Cape Epic, how have you been preparing for it?

A: I follow plans built but today’s plan and I just do the daily workouts prescribed according to my available riding time. I ride with Power and just make sure I hit the values and enjoy the customized sessions.

Early Morning training sessions

Q: Which other races have you done, that are over 100KM?

A: Most stages race in South Africa (Joberg2C, Attakwas, Wine2Whales, Cape Pioneer, Tankwa, Sani2C) , New Zealand and Australia.

Q: Which bike will you be riding on at the ABSA Cape Epic? 

A: The Silverback Sesta with full XTR.

Cape Epic, Sesta SBC, trail dog, bicycle
Silverback SBC MTB and his companion
Podium Status


Q: What is your goal for the 2018 ABSA Cape epic?

A: Podium in masters for sure!

Q: Your riding partner, have the two of you raced together before? What were the best results?

A: Yes, we train together and have raced before. We won Tankwa trek (In Cat), Won National Xco at Stellies along with top 3 at Wine2 Whales, Australian 24 hr Champs back in 2002 & 3rd Solo Cape Pioneer.

Q: Share with us your toughest training week schedule leading up to the race?

A: Suppose the last 3 weeks are the hardest as you are the most fatigued and just want it to end. But for me it is a pleasure to ride my bike and race it.

cape Epic, Paris Basson, road bike, ambassador

Q: What is your greatest challenge you believe you may have to face during the race and how you plan on overcoming that?

A: Sleeping in a tent and sickness. I’ll make sure I’ll bring my earplugs, I do not want to fall sick so to eat well, and my take probiotic’s.

Q: What is your daily recovery strategy following every stage?

A: A Massage, good nutrition, supplements and being off my feet as much as possible!

Q: Advice for aspiring riders who want to take on the #Untamed?

A: Don’t take it too serious and enjoy the luxury of riding your bike for a week across this rad country!

Q: What is the next goal after #Untamed?

A: Bike packing around SA and Europe by always discovering a new area and tracks.

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