One man, one bike, one masterpiece


Assembly lab, germany

In 2018 we opened our doors to the public at our head office in Stuttgart. One of the things you can see during your visit to the Theatre of Dynamics is our assembly lab.

Our Germany Assembly lab ensures each bicycle, gets assembled and checked by a single professional mechanic. Irrelevant of the price we aim to deliver a holistic ‘masterpiece’ to the rider.

At Silverback, our goal is to apply with Passion and Develop with Innovation. Not only delivering a great product at the right price but revolutionizing the Dynamics of Biking.

Our certified, mechanics are ready for you to click and collect your product in-store.

Known as a game-changing company in Advanced Riding Dynamics. Our passionate team members aim to deliver the best machine for your riding style.

Silverback German Assembly lab

This translates to a more natural feeling and confident on the bike regardless of your discipline. Ultimately giving you a more enjoyable ride.

In light of having our new German Assembly lab, we are putting in more energy into your final product.

Silverback bicycles come with passion embedded in each model.

Our valued in-house will welcome any brand and any model. So bring your bike to the bike lab for a service, build, or repairs.

Step inside our Head Quarters and come experience – One Man, One Bike, One Masterpiece. Find us HERE

Silverback mechanic working in the assembly lab

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