Silverback Volvo Henry talks about his USA trip


Silverback Volvo Rider, Henry Liebenberg, U23 set off to the USA for two and a half weeks. To race in America’s well-known mountain bike races.

After having a great build-up to his 2018 racing season he was hit with a huge nasal operation. Also, followed by a viral infection which took him a while to recover and get back on his race machine.

His trip was planned months ago and for him to miss this would have left him devastated. Fortunately, he was able to train for a few weeks before jetting off to the States, “even though it was not my best form – my main objective was to go to the US in the best form of my life,” says Henry.

Silverback Volvo rider Henry Liebenberg
“No matter what, always believe in yourself”

The first training session before the Fontana UCI American cup #1 he started to feel a bit under the weather. His first race was affected by this but he stayed focused and quickly shook it off.


The second leg of the Bonelli UCI American cup #2 went well. Ofcourse, he was hoping for better, “I decided it was mind over matter. I was going to aim as high as I could. Despite having bumps and struggles these last few months, “ adds Henry.

At this stage into his journey, he hoped that everything gets back on track. He treated himself to some tourist activities like visiting Hollywood.

Henry and his new friends checking out the famous hill

Next up was the famous World Premier Cycling Festival, The Sea Otter Classic which consisted of different disciplines. He participated in a short course and XCO race, “I had two amazing days, coming 31st elite in the short track and 32ndelite in the XCO race the following day,” said Henry.

“The races were hard and painful, but I loved every second of it.”

Henry made many friends that we’re intrigued by his Silverback, “many people are not familiar with Silverback in the US, but everyone loved the look of the bike,” says Henry.

His Silverback SBC made heads turn

“With some riders from Sweden, we went for a big trail ride up in the mountains followed by an awesome supper at a Mexican restaurant”


He received lots of support from the locals on the sideline. Together with his coach and new friends and even better response when they found out Volvo is apart of the team.

”I felt quite proud. I was glad that the people there got to see the brand and get a bit familiarized with it.”

The young man describes himself as someone that loves to stretch his comfort zone and experiencing new cultures.

Henry and two other friends that traveled with him would cook every night to maintain a good diet, “we only went to eat at restaurants about twice to experience the culture,” says Henry.

“It seems to be that some Americans still believe and asks about the typical lions walking in the streets of South Africa kinder questions.”

Before he knew it, it was time to pack his bags and head home.

“This trip has made me realize what to do next, believe in myself and my journey as an athlete, I am super excited for the future and aiming higher than ever before”

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