Silverback Wins Readers’ Choice Award 2018


Silverback Bikes wins Readers Choice Award. For Best Company, Third Place – for Best Mountain Bike, First Place – for Best Road Bike & Best Kids Bike, First Place. 

We have won the German Brand Award in 2016 for Branding Excellence, which is made up of the German Design Council. Our brand, Silverback Technologie GmbH looks back at a 14-year success story.

A total of 56 Leadership Industry Experience, a Global Operation, operating in 52 countries with groundbreaking innovations, leading designs, and engineering. 

About 6,400 entries have been received. From 54 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality. 


The SCALERA won the 2012 EUROBIKE AWARD, one of Silverback’s first bike in the world to put on disc brakes on a road bike. Together with the carbon racing machine received this award for excellence in design.

In the kid’s range, Spyke 24 D won its first award. For 2019 the Skype range gets a new frame and new geometry. Very light and reliable is the ideal “school and back” commuting bike for young riders.

You can find more information about Silverback’s new accolades on “ Awards 2018” Section. CLICK HERE.

best road bike
The Readers Choice Award: Best Road Bike
best mountain bike
Readers Choice Award: Best Mountain Bike
best kids bike
Readers Choice Award: Best Kids Bike
best company silverback
The Readers Choice Award: Best Company

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