Stratos Test Pilot Program In Action

On the 13th March 2019, we launched our Silverback Stratos Test Pilot program. These are a select group of male and female riders with a passion for bicycles.

These riders will test and give valuable feedback on the platform, join discussions with SILVERBACK engineers. These hand-picked riders will influence our bike designs.

Our aim is to continually improve our bikes based on real-world testing and feedback


Full name: Dean Van Dyk

Date of birth: 6th September 1994

Best Race Result: Sani2C 2019 2nd overall, Berg & Bush 2nd Solo, KZN XCO Series 3rd Elite, KZN XCO Champs 5th Elite

Average KM per week: 200km

Next big race coming up: KZN Roag Series & Berg & Bush Descent

Dean’s Stratos SBC Feedback: The bike is awesome to ride and I feel much better fitted on this bike compared to my old one. It’s super stiff and climbs like a mamba. On my first proper ride without a fit, I managed to beat my PR up a local climb by 5 minutes.

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silverback stratos SBC pilot program
Dean Van Dyk, the proud owner of his very firstSilverback Stratos

Male Or Female

Full name: Comine Claassen

Date of birth: 5 August 1971

Best Race Result: 4th in Vets ladies last year W2W, but much more there for the enjoyment of the ride

Average KM per week:  Around 100-150, but more interested in the hours on my bike then actual kilometers did.

Comine’s Stratos SBC Feedback: I am totally in love with this bike. My first ride answered all the questions I had!!! Climbing ability!! Single tracking!!! Taking a mean switchback!! To name a few. So light, I’m going to run up Gantouw Pass, bike over my shoulder, this year Wines to Whales. All the boxes ticked above and beyond!!

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Comine Claassen visited the Silverback Lab in South Africa.

Full name: Theodore Christiaan Ebing (Tiaan Ebing)

Date of birth: 14 May 2002

Best Race Result: 3rd Knysna Cycle Tour 50km MTB

Average KM per week: 83km

Next big race coming up: Western Cape XCM champs (31 August 2019)

Mention any other Silverback Bikes that you have owned:  Silverback Sido 1

Tiaan’s Stratos SBC Feedback: The transition from the Sido to the Stratos was quite easy and quite simply… fun. The Stratos is a mind-blowing bike and has superior handling compared to the Sido. The Stratos climbs like a hardtail and descends like a trail bike in any terrain wet or dry,  rocky or sandy. The suspension platform on the Stratos is astonishing compared to the Sido, supporting me under big hits and it floats over small bumps.

Follow Tiaan on Strava to compare, connect and share: Tiaan Ebing.

Tiaan Ebing won his first race this month on his Silverback Stratos SBC

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