Silverback brings Swiss powerhouses together


Silverback brought two strong Swiss powerhouses together to make an epic team. Our aim, and with a proven record is to claim the top steps at the 2019 ABSA Cape Epic. These two elite riders have similar experience, skill, and power to achieve success.

Nicola Rohrbach has completed three ABSA Cape Epics: He has finished second, third and fifth. Two top-five finishes giving him a taste for the podium. Nicola is feeling very motivated to conquer the GC with his new partner.

Konny Looser is a well-balanced rider and the duo can benefit from each other. Even though they are racing together for the very first time they believe they can be consistent throughout the stage race.

Looser had his best shot in 2012 when he finished eleventh place, he is equipped to tackle the eight-day African mountain bike race with Nicola.

Silverback Rider, Mariske Strauss has been racing with her new ABSA Cape Epic Partner, Jennie Stenerhag with success at the Tankwa Trek. Strauss believes they will do a good job together and will be well prepared before the first horn goes off in March.

All Mariske is missing after her 4th edition at the ABSA Cape Epic is the number one spot.  Alongside Annie Last, for the previous two editions, Mariske finished third and second place.

Stay tuned to our socials, in hopes that our Swiss powerhouses complete the ABSA Cape Epic!

Silverback KMC - 3rd place at Cape Epic
2018 ABSA Cape Epic –Silverback KMC finished 3rd
Silverback OMX - 2nd at the ABSA Cape Epic
2017 ABSA Cape Epic – Silverback OMX finished 2nd

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