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Adventure photos to fuel your wanderlust

Boltenko resting next to the road with his Sola 3

Find your next adventure!

Just one trip, one excursion, one taste. This is for the thrill-seekers out there. Those who enjoy the journey equally as much as the destination. Those who enjoy exploring new terrain and venturing off the beaten path. Those with the desire to see new places in the world and to collect new experiences. We love you and we love to follow your journey.

There are different types of cyclists out there, most of us ride to keep fit then there are a few riders out there who do it for an experience. We challenge you to turn off Strava and experience being the other type of cyclist for a change.

So find your adventure. Take more photos and share them with us. Start biking through uncharted territories. Stop daydreaming, start brainstorming, and plan your next adventure. Therefore, for all of the travel junkies out there, we curated a photo collection to fuel your wanderlust. Enjoy…

It’s time for adventure…

Owner of a Silverback SOLA #
Owner of a Silverback SESTA
Owner of a Silverback Scoop
Owner of a Silverback Siablo GR
Owner of a Silverback Scopp Fatty
Owner of a Silverback Siablo GR in Cape Town, South Africa

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Share your biking photos with us by using the following hashtags on Instagram:

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Bike Packing: Solo in his Sola

Go bike packing and escape the city life

Go far beyond the tar and deep into the countryside for a great backpacking adventure. Into the scenic farmlands, dusty routes and welcoming pedestrians for a truly memorable ride.

Christoff Els, a final year Psychology student, decided it was time to escape the hustle in the pursuit of some quiet time. He shares some thoughts of his simple care-free trip, along with some vibrant images capturing the adventure.

Els has had his Silverback SOLA 1 for 5 years and is proud to say she has never let him down. “It was still a challenge for my training has been very inconsistent for the past 2 months,” adds Christoff.

“Adventure to me is a sense that everyone perceives differently and for me, that sense is getting outside and doing something unconventionally awesome and letting your curiosity guide you. Whatever is unconventionally cool for you, that is your adventure “

bike packing, Silverback bikes, traveling
Ready for adventure
Silverback Sola 1

More thrilling parts of bike packing adventures is finding a sleep spot alongside a gravel road. “ I would find myself in an area consisting of many hills – three quarters up the nearest hill is where the thermal belt is (this is a sweet spot where hot air is trapped between 2 pockets of cold air) you’ll be able to feel the difference, especially in the winter,” says Els.

Memorable moments

His most memorable moment was on his latest ride. He reached the end of a dirt road and hit a slight descent down a hill, when suddenly a herd of cattle appeared out of nowhere. 

“I slammed the brakes and pulled out my DSLR camera to snap a few shots. Unknowingly, I caused a traffic jam for the only car on the road! The cattle was startled by my approach and soon the owner appeared from the dust of his cattle. Looking like a ghost and I decided to give him some of my food to apologise for this small inconvenience,”
“From my journey, I have learned that it takes nothing to smile and greet someone. You may not see them again but when you pedal past someone after this kind phenomenon you will generally feel better”

Adventure is not only for the ‘adventure’. Sometimes the best adventure can be found close to home. Enter the world of bike packing, where every day can be an opportunity to hit the refresh button on your life.


Struggling to stay motivated to ride? Read our top tips to staying motivated to ride.

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10 Reasons you need a fatbike

fatbike, fat bike, beach, Mozambique

We have compiled a list of ‘must ride’ places around the world, that only a fatbike is suited for.


Silverback Fatbikes, Ireland

1. Explore the beaches of Ireland

The Wicklow coast of Ireland stretches the length of the country providing 60kms of spectacular scenery. The coastline covers soft sand, loose rocks, and puddles making it the perfect challenge for a fatbike.


Silverback Fatbikes, Northern Lights in Finland


2. Watch the Northern Lights in Finland

Originally designed to ride in the snow, the 4” tires of a fatbike allow you to ride in spectacular places like the Finnish Taiga, along frozen lakes and through prehistoric forests to explore the untouched wilderness of Lapland. Book a night in a glass igloo and experience the Northern Lights, one of the world’s most incredible natural phenomena.

3. Experience paradise in Mozambique

Mozambique is the ultimate African beach getaway, pristine white sandy beaches, warm Indian ocean away from the madding crowds.

fatbike will allow you to access remote beaches. Take along a mask & snorkel, a fishing rod, surfboard or even just a picnic basket. If you are lucky, you might even encounter a turtle.


Pedalling through the coastal paradise of Mozambique – Getaway


4. Indulge in Swiss Chocolate

Home to the annual Snow Bike Festival, Gstaad is perfectly equipped for fatbiking adventures. Fatbiking is permitted on the existing hiking routes and trails include some exciting downhill runs. After a day in the snow you can sit in front of the fire and try out the locally produced chocolates.


Silverback Fatbikes, Switzerland


5. Have fun in Dubai’s sand dunes

With the monster tires of a fatbike, you can now explore areas of the desert previously off-limits. With sand dunes as far as the eye can see, a fatbike can provide endless fun. Book a night at one of the Desert Safaries and spend the night under the stars.

Take along the S-Electro FAT to maximize the fun.

6. Tour Canada in any season 

No longer are you limited to riding trails in the summer, fatbiking allows adrenaline junkies to continue their riding through all seasons. Several bike parks are even creating fatbike dedicated winter trails.

7. Enjoy the beaches of the French Riviera

The French Riviera, known as one of the most incredible coastlines in the world with its pebble beaches and Crystal clear water is a perfect fatbike playground, allowing you to ride on the beach and through the coastal villages. You can not get the same views from a car, a bus or a train.


Silverback Fatbikes, French Riveria


8. Do the Yak Attack in Nepal

An eight-stage mountain bike race like no other! The Yak Attack takes place in the Himalayan mountains and is one of the highest mountain bike races in the word. Weather conditions vary from hot and dusty to freezing cold with possible snow, the perfect playground for a fatbike.


Silverback Fatbikes, Himalayan Mountains\


9. Ride the Skeleton Coast of Namibia

Known as the worlds largest shipping graveyard, the Skeleton Coast stretches the length of Namibia’s west coast. Most of this magnificent cost line is not accessible by vehicle and travelers wanting to experience the area need to do so by small aircraft. Taking along a fatbike so you can explore the dramatic desert and coastal scenery up close and personal.

With over 500km of the desert landscape to cover the S-Electro Fat will help you cover more mileage in a day.

10. Complete the Iditarod (or at least part of it)

Now, this one might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it will truly be a once in a lifetime experience… and it’s only doable on a fatbike! The Iditarod is one of the most challenging experiences following the 1000mile route of a sled dog race in Alaska. The Iditarod can now also be completed on a fatbike.


Silverback Fatbikes, Alaska


Looking for more great adventure stories? Why not read: Bike Packing: Solo in his Sola

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Explore Dubai by bike

Known as a world-class shopping destination, with fast cars and ultra-modern buildings, Dubai is not known as a sporting capital. We do however know that there is no better way to explore a country than on a bicycle. Therefore we have compiled a list of recreational cycling routes to help you explore the city.

Explore Dubai by bike
Explore Dubai by bike

Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah Beach Bike path is a relaxing ride that runs along the beach with spectacular views of the iconic Burj Al Arab. The 2km path starts at Jumeirah Public Beach is extendable to a 14km ride by continuing to Umm Sequemm.

Our pick: Stride 29 MD & Spyke 24 Rigid

Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach

Dubai Canal

Keeping to the impressive architecture seen in the rest of the city, Dubai Canal is no different. The 3.2km long man-made canal includes running tracks, footpaths, cycling lane that showcase scenic views of the city.

Our pick: Stride 27 MD

Dubai Canal
Dubai Canal

Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park has a 5km dedicated cycling track that loops around the outer edge of the park. There are some interesting landmarks and café’s in the park where you can stop to rest your legs. The tarred track takes you through the dunes so expect some sandy patches.

Our pick: Stride 29 Sport

Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park
Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park

Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park

The Nad Al Sheba Park offers you the choice of 8km, 6km or 4km loops, perfect for riding circuits. The tracks are well lit at night, so we suggest you grab your night light and a picnic basket to watch the skyline of Downtown Dubai.

What we love about this spot is the 850m skills course for children, which is great for teaching little one’s road safety.

Our pick: Strela Sport & Spyke 20

Al Qudra Cycle Path
Al Qudra Cycle Path

Al Qudra Cycle Path

Situated in the Dubai desert, the Al Qudra cycling track is one of the most popular places to ride in the UAE. Track distances vary between 18km and 86km, taking you through spectacular landscapes of rolling sand dunes.

Our pick: Strela Elite

Riding sand dunes in Dubai
Riding sand dunes in Dubai

Sand Dunes

If you just want to have fun and do some exploring, we suggest you take a fatbike and go ride in the desert. The oversized tyres of a fatbikes can roll over almost everything and in this case will float through the sand effortlessly. Go further and explore more by getting an e-fatbike. 

Our pick: Scoop & S-Electro Fat

*Temperatures in Dubai can be hot and humid thus remember to drink plenty of water and always wear a helmet.

Read our top pick of destinations to ride with a fatbike: 10 Reasons you need a fatbike.

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Shredding trails in Asia – Ride Rate Review

Silverback Silder LT1 packed in a travel bag

Check out the lastest video form Ride Rate Review.

Exploring the road less traveled with Ride Rate Review! Trails, gravel and abandoned dirt roads of Malaysia have never been this exciting.

Whilst only carrying essential gear with Ride rate Review and meeting up with locals. Watch as Wayne takes the Silverback Slider LT 1 on an epic adventure, and not to mention a cultural experience.

Here’s more than one kind of dirt in the world. Venture beyond the typical gravel-grinding locales and discover rice paddy roads, volcano rims, and labyrinthian jungle trails. Find your single track paradise in some of the world’s most far-reaching wildernesses.Enjoy the trails with Ride Rate Review.

Silverback slider LT 1
The famous Silverback Slider LT 1

The Slider LT is our new long travel enduro platform bike that takes our BURST suspension system and adapts it for long 160mm travel with 27.5′ wheels. The solid rear triangle design provides incredible lateral stiffness and combined with the short dual linkages which connect the rear triangle to the shock, allowing for fine-tuning of the progressive leverage ratio together with increased stiffening properties and pedaling performance for your ride.

The modern slack geometry, Flip Chip for BB height, head tube angle adjustment and ISCG tabs create an enduro machine that eats up the bumps while keeping calm and collected on the trail. Hydro-formed tubes, large pivots and easy cable guide management complete the package for the ultimate enduro riding machine.

cellphone and important parts
Every kilogram counts.
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Journal: Pedal & Paddle

Silverback Scoop Fatty on a canoe


The bike packing Journal by Nick Tyron. Pedal and paddle his way through Glen Kinglass to Loch Etive, traversing the country’s immense landscapes and isolated fjords. He observes the wild and barren terrain as he makes his way through it, celebrating every sign of life and earning each mile that ticks by…

Silverback Scoop Fatty

Scotland is in crisis

The winter hasn’t arrived but has presented an opportunity to try routes normally associated with the summer months. 

One particular trip would take me down Glen Kinglass to Loch Etive. This Sea Loch is an impressive stretch of water surrounded by wild countryside, climbing to some very distinctive mountains towering over the loch. 

Getting to the Loch would require following an old double track route through some of the most impressive landscape on my Scoop Fatty, in Scotland.

View from the handle bars

Adventure Time

The day started early with Coffee and porridge, as the sun started to rise the mist descended almost as if it was hiding the splendor of what was to be revealed later that day. 

Passing Loch Tulla to the River that feeds it out of Loch Dochart, the track swings west and leads you up to Glenkinglass. This took in several Fjords and bridges just wide enough to get the fully laden Fat bike over. The countless deer grazing, but keeping and eye on your every movement only break the sense of solitude. 

Silverback Scoop Fatty, Scottland
Silverback Scoop Fatty, West Coast

The track conditions are excellent, and my Silverback Scoop Fatty is enjoying every minute of it. 

The climb to the top of the Glen reveals the extent of the natural beauty of the West Coast of Scotland. You have to stop to fully absorb its splendor. The descent to Glenkinglass Lodge is sublime but not without caution, especially with a fully laden bike. After the massive granite slabs, the thunder of the water crashing through the rocks on the way to feed Loch Etive, kept me company as well as provide a constant source of fresh drinking water. Another impressive suspended estate bridge was waiting at the bottom but had a fjord option; the bike was not going to fit the narrow bridge. 

Crossing the river on a canoe
Silverback Scoop Fatty, bike packing

Settling in for the night

A short while later the shores of the Loch glistened in the afternoon light. After picking my spot, I unpacked the raft, stowed the Fat bike and my gear and made my way up the Loch towards the Glen Etive. 

The surrounding hills made for an impressive backdrop for the paddle. After several hours I reached the shoreline, repacked my bike and set off on the return leg. Just shy of 10 hours of riding and paddling made for an impressive day out. 

By Nick Tryon 

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Asian Invasion!

enduro travel adventure - Silverback Bikes


Silverback & the man behind Ride Rate Review, Wayne Schell partnered up to take you on a trip to Asia. It is about exploring places less traveled via single-track, trails, gravel, and abandoned dirt roads, carrying only essential gear. Have you been day-dreaming about the trails in and around Malaysia?

Is that a yes? Here is a rundown of the key items you will need to explore Asia.    

Enduro Bike

An enduro offers the most fun on trails. Longer distances getting off the road means to decide between a mountain bike and an enduro bike. Enduro mountain biking is essentially a tough bike. The bikes you can make the most of the downhills – of which there are many! The Slider LT 1 is Silverback’s long travel (160mm) enduro platform featuring our BURST suspension system married to 27.5” wheels.

green grass bike blue - in Asia
The famous Silverback Slider LT 1

Adventure Ready!

The Slider LT features a solid rear triangle and short linkages for improved stiffness. The BURST suspension is designed to devour bumps on the trail, keeping the rider in control.

bicycle parts
Pack only the essentials!


Relaxed clothes or looser-fitting kit. It will always be important to wear pants with lots of easy-access storage for your gadgets. Wear Adventure riding can be what you want it to be.Tthe “rules” are equally relaxed. So, you can.


You will need to be self-supported for the time you are away from home. If you are in-between hotels and AirBnB’s every day, your normal saddle bag will do the trick for a day excursion.

In Wayne’s bag: 1x Evoc Bike bag for the Slider LT 1 and riding clothes, 1x hand luggage case for camera equipment, laptop and camera accessories.


Sometimes on-the-bike storage just isn’t enough, in which case a backpack might be necessary to carry all you need during Waynes 10-day trip away.

In Wayne’s backpack: Osprey Hydration Pack with a 3litre bladder, Inside I will store 3x GoPro batteries, 2x camera gimbal batteries, first aid kit (because I crash A LOT), zip ties, trail snacks, rain jacket & spare cell phone.

mobilbe phone passport table camera- ready for Asia
Every kilogram counts.



“I will be using a Garmin Fenix 3 wristwatch” and you can follow him on STRAVA to follow his journey as well.” 


the cycling watch gps
Find your offroad route with your GPS watch.

Wayne will only be using immune boosters and needs to complete his anti-biotic course because he recently had a gnarly crash and tore a big hole in his arm which required stitches. Ouch!

Spares and equipment

When you go exploring on dirt roads, it is vital you have spares because you will be further away from assistance. Being self-sufficient, carrying the essentials will help you to fix or botch your bike – to get you back on track.

On Wayne’s rides: 1x spare tube, 4x tire plugs, 1x multi-tool, chain lube, cable ties, Leatherman Skeletool & spare mech hanger.

Turn on our Instagram Story notifications to follow Wayne’s journey.


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Growing Up on A Bike: Bikepacking With Kids

bike packing with the family - Silverback Bikes


Bikepacking isn’t just about epic adventures with friends. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family. Even more, share life-formed experiences.

I knew my wife and kids were strong enough to go on a backpacking trip, “I needed proof of the concept,” adds Damien. He found a route that is far away enough from home for it to feel like a real holiday. Not to difficult, and with a beautiful landscape.

Nantes to Les Sables d’Olonne of France seemed to me to be the appropriate route for a first backpacking adventure with the kids,”Yes, let’s do it,” said my wife.

family and kids bike packing
The Dobucki Family from France.

The Dobucki Family from France.

Whilst Damien Dobucki always desired to go on a family backpacking holiday and his wife keen for any adventure, he knew that his 8-year-old daughter would be keen and would need to do a little convincing with his son.

The industrial designer from France got himself and his wife a Fatbike with tubeless wheels that could float over any kind of terrain and remain comfortable.

“My wife and I both have 2017 Silverback Scoop bikes,” says Damien. He has a Scoop Single and his wife has a Scoop Delight which are capable for any platform. The Scoop range is a world-wide favorite amongst fat bike enthusiasts. 

silverback fat bike
Silverback Scoop Range

After 6 hours of driving, before the trip started to Le Pellerin. They set up the bikes and attached the Peruzzo Trail Angel Towing Bar to his wife’s Scoop Delight for everyone to cycle in total safety and tranquility.

The quadruple planned to bike for seven days from Nantes to Les Sables d’Olonne, France. After 6 hours of driving, they started their trip in Le Pellerin just outside of Nantes. The routes are wandering between jagged coastlines and sandy coves.

fat bike adventure

The first 60km out of 225km allowed the family to reach the Lorie River Estuary with its calm and wild landscapes. The kids enjoyed the beaches and were happy to take a break at any open space they could enjoy.


The paths of the scenic route lead them to enjoy the view over Noirmoutier Island. The island is protected by dikes and polders.

Their fourth day was the hardest, no wind, no vegetation for miles and many “forbidden camping” spots for 30km.

Once they arrived in Les Sables d’Olonne, the family took off two days to relax

Their Scoops had really helped them in rocky and sandy terrains. They were very satisfied with their versatile bikes.

“Everyone was happy after the trip. We will do it again. Further, but my wife is not keen on another night in a Bivouac,” he chuckled.

Damien suggests that the key success for a family cycling adventure is time spent off the bike if you are hoping for a long and fruitful bikepacking future.

Family Bikepacking Tips:

  1. Prepare your kids.
  2. Think safety first.
  3. Pack light.
  4. Take many breaks.
  5. Bring some “fun” things.
  6. Start a small dream big!

#SilverbackBikes #Scoop #Adventure

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Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho

Riding long roads in Lesotho with the Silverback Sesta


Fourie Rossouw is riding the 8th edition of the Lesotho Sky for the third time and he says every year he is retold how Lesotho’s trail is a mountain biker’s dreams.

“Thank you, Silverback, for hooking me up with a proper bike to take on the gnarly Lesotho trails,” he started.

It was a rough this year, “long days included some very sketchy sections that tested my skills and the bike’s geometry to the max. At times I wished I was on the SESTA going up and on the Surface going down, “he explains.

Fourie wrote a journal every day of the Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho.

Adventures On A Silverback In Lesotho – Day 1 




“Our race was one of two halves. The first 30 km was a mixture of finding our lungs in the thin Lesotho air, soaking in the stoke and having a jol at the water points.”

silverback bike in the lesotho mountains mtb
Fourie Rossouw enjoying his Silverback



“The first 30km was a gift.”


“Luckily we get to ride it again on Thursday, hopefully, I’ll keep the rubber side down and my Silverback flying.

mountains heat silverback gear
Lesotho views



“On a day like today, if you are not keeping your eye on the GPS, you are bound to make a wrong turn. “

silverback wrong turn hot
The wrong turn



“Usually at a UCI mountain bike stage race, the elite riders and the rest of the bunch don’t really mingle at the starting line. “

downhill silverback
The downhill on the SESTA PRO



“When they start off, it’s usually in chatter, but as the road gets longer and the climbs steeper, your bike takes you beyond the noise to a still place inside yourself.”


Bike and gear tips for next year:

  1. Slap on a pair of 2.35 / 2.4 size tires.
  2. Get a dropper post.
  3. Do not bring your carbon shoes.
  4. Check bike thoroughly after each day.
  5. Wear gloves.

Read Fourie’s full journal HERE.

Photo credits: Wayne Reiche

#SilverbackBikes #MountainBikeKingdom #LesothoSky

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The Wakefield’s

Fields of flowers


A very happy semi-retired couple, born in the sixties and married for a wonderful 28 years. They decided to do what they love by going on an adventure. Having a strong desire to rove, the young wanderlust couple decided to take on the famous EuroVelo. The European cycle route network. It includes thousands of kilometers of bike paths, regional cycle routes into a single European network. Set to be a cycling holiday of a lifetime.

 “We both enjoy traveling. Enjoying something adventurous every day. Furthermore, So biking or walking holidays are perfect for us,” says Clayton.

Eurovelo6 Route will take Clayton and Maree from the Black Sea through France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Austria. Their plan is to reach Vienna by the 9th of August.

Europe has a lot to offer in terms of fascinating cities, untouched nature, delicious food, and interesting culture. 

Clayton and Maree made a spontaneous decision to get themselves a versatile bike. Easy-riding bike to take them where ever they want to go, mile after mile.


The twosome bought two identical Silverback Shuffle bike. A do-everything platform bike made to navigate the urban landscape.

1st July 2018, Clayton and Maree flew to Paris. They began their voyage along the Loire River in the upper region of France. Having only 90 minutes from arriving in France to catching the train to Nates was a heart-pumping challenge.

cycling holiday starts with bikes on the train station
Cycling holiday starts: Off the plane and first trip in France on a train

They started making their way to Vienna along the Loire, Saône, Doubs, Rhine & Danube rivers which is approximately 3000km plus.

Silverback shuffle bike
Each Shuffle bike is caring about 10kg each

Each Shuffle bike is carrying about 10kg each. In a pannier with a variety of goods to keep their journey stress free.


The plan is to get fit along the way, have fun and to disconnect from the digital world.

Cycling holiday with the Silverback Shuffle
70km a day starting very early to beat the hot European sun.

“We are trying to go unplugged. No cycle computer and no GPS. We are going at the speed that we are. We have some guide books and notes. It is ok to get lost,” adds Maree.

Their days are unplanned. Not much thought is put into their traveling, “In fact, we got very confused the other day.” utters Clayton.

European graze fields
he Wakefield’s recommend any wanderlust to cycle through the scenic landscape

The Wakefield’s recommend any wanderlust to cycle through the scenic landscape. One can expect lots of friendly hosts along the way, “the marvelous way people can communicate without speaking each other’s language. Also, the exciting feeling of getting on the bike for another 70km. The even better feeling of getting off the bike after 70km,” says Maree.

Besides having one flat wheel in 30 days and having some sore legs, the rest of the journey was a breeze.

When I asked how this journey has changed them, Clayton replied: “Yes, we are now both thinner.”

“The Silverback Shuffle is the perfect bike for the Eurovelo6 or any flat journey. We have added a front handlebar box, stand, pump, plastic mudguards, lights and a toolkit,” Adds Clayton.

Thhey went galivanting from the historic Chateau Chananceau to Rhine swimming with a Wickelfische in Basel and experiencing different kinds of coffee and pastry for breakfast!

“It is so much fun. Yet, and so easy to do. Follow the route, talk to the locals, view sights, eat and drink well and enjoy every day as it comes. Oh and of course ride a Silverback!”

Plan your own cycling holiday, get inspiration HERE.

#SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast