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Race proven Superspeed at UCI Masters Mountain Bike

uci masters world champs
Kristina Koscova from Czech Republic keeps proving that age is nothing but a number.


Silverback Ambassador, Kristina Koscova from Czech Republic received her second medal at the UCI Masters Mountain Bike World Championships. The event took place in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada this past weekend.

Over 600 athletes competed across downhill and Mountain Bike cross-country events, with ages ranging from 30 well into the ’70s.

Koscova went shoulder to shoulder with the elite women crowd of international riders. Last year she received a gold medal at the 2018 UCI Masters Mountain bike Champs event.

“The fight is finally over. It was an exciting race until the last few meters. Unfortunately, I flatted my front wheel in the last lap and managed to “only” finish second place,” she said after a great event.

Kristina Koscova hitting full gas on her Silverback SUPERSPEED.

Koscova was close to capturing the title in women’s race. She finished in the silver medal position behind Alana Heise from Canada in the women’s 45-49 race.

She showed that age is nothing but a number at the 2019 UCI Masters Mountain Bike World Championships.

Full results from UCI Masters Mountain Bike World Championships available here.


The final stage of the 2019 Swiss Epic Moutain Bike race saw Sweden’s, Jennie Stenerhag and South Africa’s, Katie Lennard complete 5-day mountain bike stage race at 6th place.

The duo completed all the stages in a time of 22:06:27, which was one hour and twenty-nine minutes behind the winning ladies. Crossing the finish line in Davos, on Saturday 24th August, the ladies were very satisfied to have completed the race

Jennie Stenerhag and Katie Lennard after the 5th & final Stage of the 2019 Swiss Epic.

“The routes have been tough but fun and we have enjoyed all the single tracks and the awesome views from the top of the mountains. The riding here is very different to both Sweden and South Africa, we are getting used to it now, so it is sad it is almost over,” said Jennie After Stage 4.

Fantastic Views from Switzerland.
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Race News: UCI MTB World Cup

jennie stenerhag sweden cykelvasan mtb race - Silverback Bikes


UCI MTB race news: Mariske Strauss kicked off the action at the UCI MTB World Cup in Lenzerheide, Switzerland this past weekend.

With a great start at the XCC on Friday, unfortunately, she had a bad crash, “I am still quite battered and have a few bruises but at least I can start bending my knee,” says Strauss after the short track race.

In the Elite Women’s cross-country race on Sunday, Mariske was off to a tough start due to her knee injury. It was not going be easy. Dealing with relentless roots and punchy climbs, she was able to finish the race.


“I am a little bit disappointed. This has been a very challenging season and I think that crash on Friday also hit me a bit harder than I thought. Probably one of the hardest races I have had, and baby-watts was all I had in me. This is part of the journey; it, however, doesn’t make the disappointment stingless. I am looking forward and aiming higher, says Mariske.

Mariske rode to 31st place and will be preparing for World Championships.


More Race News: Jennie Stenerhag has previously won the Cykelvasan 4 times and is very disappointed in her sprint finish.

With a strong start, she was able to make her way quickly into the top 10. Where she remembered the winning feeling again since her form was good.

“I went to the front and kept a slightly higher pace, mainly not to get too far back in the big bunch. It was fast on the gravel roads leading up to Mångsbodarna,” adds Stenerhag.

“With a few hundred meters to go, Elisabeth started the sprint and I started on the side of her and Hildegunn on the other. Unfortunately, it was too late. It is often the one who starts first that wins if it is a short sprint, and this was the case today, says Jennie very disappointedly.

jennie stenerhag sweden cykelvasan mtb race
Jennie Stenerhag finishes 3rd place after winning previously 5 times


Jennie held on to 2nd place for the entire race and her opponent managed to get ahead by a few centimeters.

“It is the crap sprint I am mostly disappointed with, more than with a 3rdplace. I know that I can sprint much better than that, but I started too late and was in an too easy gear. No excuses, I’ll just have to come back next year and try to take that 5th win,” she adds with a smirk.

This is Jennie Stenerhag last race in Sweden for 2019. She will be leaving for Switzerland for the Swiss Epic on the 20th-24th August, “I look forward to it and it will be great fun to do a stage race with Katie Lennard,’ says Jennie riding for ABRO in Sweden.

Stay Tuned For Next Weeks Race News!

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A course made by wet weather was the big story. The fifth round of the UCI World Cup, held in Val Di Sole, Italy.

Mariske Strauss and Nicola Rohrbach both put in a strong performance. They continuing their upward trajectory of form, and the Stratos SBC put in an awesome shift in the mud!

Mariske finished 14th place in the Short Track followed up with a 23rd place in the XCO showed that things were on the way up. It is always great to see Silverback’s longest-standing rider progress and perform better.

“Thank you to my mechanic for supporting me in some serious hectic conditions today at the UCI World Cup as well as all the shouts along the course. There was a lot of slipping and it took me about 4laps to find my mud legs,” says Mariske after the XCC race.

The form was there, but the luck was not for Nicola Rohrbach. The elite Swiss rider has not had things his way lately. Nicola was ready to bring in great results.

“The Worldcup Val di Sole was not going well for me. A crash happened just in front of me and took away my speed to get a solid position for the first narrow section,’ says Nicola.

‘After a lap I found a good rhythm and moved up to top50 but the last two laps I struggled and did not have much energy left in my body,’ adds Nicola after his XCO race.


#SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast

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Silverback racing 2019 UCI World Cup

Mariske Strauss racing UCI World Cup - Silverback Bikes


It’s time to look forward to another great year of racing with the 2019 World Cup Season. With it being an Olympic year in 2020, the UCI has been quick to firm the calendar up for that year.

2020 UCI Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Championship presented by Mercedes-Benz in Albstadt

The countdown for the 2020 UCI World Cup Mountain Bike Cross-Country presented by Mercedes-Benz is underway. In the city administration, the Skyder Track & Event Company and the RSG Zollernalb and many other clubs to set the course. And you do that with a certain pride. 

For 2019, the MTB World Cup extends to eight locations for the downhillers. This includes a new location in the United States, with the introduction of a round in Snowshoe, West Virginia, where the cross-country classes will also be racing. The XCO World Cup sticks to seven rounds for 2019 however.

The World Cup is an exciting period for all riders across the world.

Follow #SilverbackRacing Swiss rider Nicola Rohrbach & South Africa’s very own Mariske Strauss as they take on another year of exhilarating UCI World Cup.

UCI World Cup Racing
Silverback Components at UCI World cup races

UCI World Cup calendar

  • May 18– 19: (XCO/XCC) Albstadt, Germany
  • May 25–26: (XCO/XCC) Nové Mesto, Czech Republic
  • June 8–9: (DH) Leogang, Austria
  • July 6–7: (DH/XCO/XCC) Vallnord, Andorra
  • July 13–14: (XCO/XCC/DH) Les Gets, France
  • August 3–4: (XCO/XCC/DH) Val di Sole, Italy
  • August 10–11: (XCO/XCC/DH) Lenzerheide, Switzerland

    Find Out More: CLICK HERE
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Jennie Stenerhag finishes with bronze | Mariske Strauss finishes 13th

Jennie Stenerhag on the podium

Swedish Silverback rider, riding for ABRO in Sweden received bronze at the European XCM Champs

IN NORWAY: European XCM Champs

Swedish Silverback rider, riding for ABRO in Sweden received bronze at the European XCM Champs in Norway yesterday.

“It has been a hard race. I lost contact with the first 3 and managed to work my way back. There were 4 of us approaching the finish,” says Jennie.

“I’m very happy with my medal, the goal was always to take a medal at the European champs, and I managed that,” adds Jennie.

The taste of progress and success with Team Silverback Racing was sweet. We celebrate and suffer.

Previously, we caught up with Jennie before the event to find out how she prepares: READ MORE

Jennie Stenerhag, European XCM Camps, Norway
Jennie Stenerhag, European XCM Camps, Norway

UCI MTB World Cup Andorra

Mariske Strauss gets her best results yet by finishing 13th in the elite women’s cross-country Olympic race at the UCI MTB World Cup in Andorra on Sunday the 8th of July.

The race consists of six laps.

“I am soooooo amped and excited for the next round!! Time to celebrate cause I cracked Top 15 ” adds Silverback racing rider.”

Mariske Strauss, UCI MTB World Cup, Vallnord

“This has been a LONG time coming with a LOT of blood, sweat, tears, heaps of prayers and a couple of torn muscles, we made…”

“Aim high and work hard for those dreams you decide where are your limits”

The Short track race resulted in a third row start at the XCO race yesterday where Mariske finished 20th. “The XCC race was brutal and there is no margin for error,” adds Mariske.

Mariske had a good start and was sitting comfortably in the top 10 for the first 2 laps.  

She rode very consistently and fought hard for her 13th place after 6 laps on one of the hardest tracks on the circuit.

Mariske chose to ride her Stratos dual suspension on Sunday.

Mariske Strauss, UCI MTB World Cup, Vallnord

In the men’s race

Nicola Rohrbach form was good. The Swiss Silverback rider has not had things go his way for the past couple of months.

“I am just disappointed about yesterday’s race. I am feeling better. After, the last 3 weeks after I have suffered from all the allergy. Plus asthmatic problems from earlier this year. I prepared for the high altitude and I think the dust was a big problem for me and my reduced lungs,” says Rohrbach.

Stratos SBC, UCI MTB World Cup, Vallnord

Photos: @thomaswdesign

#SilverbackRacing #SilverbackBikes #BornToBeFast


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Luke Moir 4th in the World Junior Series Canada #3 + Jennie wins Langa Lugnet XCM

Luke Moir, Stratos, racing, canada

Baie-Saint-Paul Canada Cup XCO [UCI Junior Series]


Luke Moir finished fourth in a very competitive race at the Baie-Saint-Paul Canada Cup XCO (UCI Junior World Series) on Saturday the 1st of June. 

The young South African rider completed the four-lap course in 1:25:21 with a 4”12” gap from being third.

Luke Moir rode the Silverback Stratos, “the bike had no mechanicals and was great,” says Luke. 

Moir raced in a new category for the first time this year and being the youngest, this has been a brilliant experience for him & his future.

Junior World Series, Luke Moir, Stratos, racing, scrubs
Junior World Series course


Jennie Stenerhag won the Långa Lugnet XCM race yesterday in Sweden

Racing the Silverback Stratos & riding for ABRO in Sweden completed the 62km in a time of 2:45:00. 

“After a few kilometers on the second loop Hanna put the hammer down on a rooty single track and I could see that Emmy started to look tired, so as we started a short climb I went to the front and pushed hard,” says Jennie.

Jennie Stenerhag won Langa Lugnet XCM Sweden

“It was a battle with Hanna Cykel but with 12km to go. I managed to get away and take the win. Thank you for all the cheering out on the course, I really enjoyed racing at home,” says Jennie.

“I felt strong and knew the last loop inside out so I just kept pushing hard on all the climbs to make the gap grow and finally I could not see her,” adds Jennie. 

Jennie Stenerhag has won the last 24 races in the Swedish XCM Series since 2014! We are holding thumb that she makes it 25.

She will be prepping for the European XCM Champs in Norway on the 6th July 2019.

Jennie Stenerhag won Langa Lugnet XCM Sweden

#SilverbackRacing #BornToBeFast


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Silverback Race Results: UCI MTB World Cup, Swedish XCM and UCI Junior World Series

Mariske Strauss riding the Silverback Stratos

Jennie Stenerhag won the Swedish XCM series race on Sunday the 26th May in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jennie Stenerhag on the podium after winning her race
Jennie Stenerhag steps to the top of the podium.

In Sweden:

Jennie Stenerhag claimed the Swedish XCM Series title on Sunday the 26th May in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Silverback rider, riding for ABRO in Sweden also won the race back in 2017 by 47 seconds.

“This series was a mud bath of note! It was nice and clean during the first minute of the race. I am happy to take the win in a tight battle with Hanna Cykel,” says Jennie.

Jennie racing her Silverback Stratos
Jennie on her Silverback Stratos

Czech Republic:  UCI World Cup Nove Mesto

XCC – Silverbck Rider, Marsike Strauss raced to a great 17th position. Subsequently, adding points to her World Cup count at the UCI MTB Short Track race on Saturday the 25th May in Czech Republic.

The XCO Elite Women’s event– She was all set for a great race on Sunday the 27th May. She was in top form and full of confidence.  Mariske was unable to hold the pace and slipped back to finished in 29th place.

“It was a rough weekend however, the short track was super. Otherwise, I am still not where I want to me,” says Mariske.

Race, Strauss, Mariske, Silverback, RSA
Mariske Strauss pushing the pace.
Strauss, Mariske, Silverback, RSA
Mariske’s startline race face

In Canada:

Silverback’s youngest rider, Luke Moir finished 7th place at the UCI Junior Series in Mont Tremblant, Canada.

Luke was full of confidence going into the race however all the training in the world can’t prepare you for technical difficulties. He was in second place, for the entire race, until he had a puncture.

“I had a puncture late in lap 2 but my chances of a podium was out the window. I am very disappointed however I would like to thank everyone for their support,” says Luke.

He has one more race in Canada on the 1st June at Baie-Saint- Paul.

Luke Moir, Silverback, race, Canada
Luck flying through the course in Mont Tremblant.

Missed out on last weeks race results? Catch up HERE.

#SilverbackRacing #BornToBeFast #SilverbackBikes

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Silverback announces teams for the UCI World Cup Series and the ABSA Cape Epic

Silverback Volvo, Silverback OMX, team


The Silverback OMX Pro Team is proud to announce our 2018 team. Our sponsors and support staff that will be competing at the Absa Cape Epic. The biggest full – service mountain bike stage race in the world.

This big step forward for Silverback-Volvo as the team will be competing in the Absa Cape Epic as support riders for Gluth and Rapael.

With many years in the game, 26-years old Shaun-Nick Bester & 23-year old Jaco Pelser, are honored to offer support. Both men started riding in their teens and has just returned from riding for international road cycling teams abroad.

Photo: Shann-Nick Bester & Jaco Pelser at the harsh 2018 Tankwa Trek Race #SilverbackVolvo


Riders will race a total of 658km with 13 530m ascend; this includes four consecutive days of over 100km. The final stage is far from easy. Stage 5 has been remodeled to be different, as opposed to previous years.

As South Africa and the international circuit prepares for the opening leg of the 2018 UCI World Cup in Stellenbosch on March 10. Our OMX riders are already in training mode for the World Cup, leading into the Cape-Epic.

The UCI World Cup being held in Stellenbosch for the first time this year. It is a world-class setting for world-class athletes, with the added bonus of South Africa’s landscapes, mountains and agricultural setting.

Silverback OMX Pro Team Gluth, Gagne, Clacherty & Strauss, will be participating in the UCI World Cup XCO event.

The seven-event series is the annual pinnacle of international cross-country racing. With the world’s best elite and under-23 riders competing on 5-7 laps of an intense, testing 4.5km course.

Gagne, a rider from Canada, and new member to the Silverback OMX family. He represented his country at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and also won the 2015 Pan-American Games and National Championships. Gagne also achieved a top ten World Cup result and placed seventh at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. “I am planning to race all the World Cups in 2018 and my goal is to be in the top 15,”he adds.


Frazer Clacherty, Junior National Champion is working his way up through the Under 23 ranks; he achieved a new record, 7th at the European Championships and 10th at the World Championships in 2015. Moreover, Last year saw him record a career-best 6th place at the Albstadt World Cup. He also retain his Under 23 National Champion’s jersey.

Mariske Strauss from Silverback OMX Pro Team will be partnering up with British professional rider, Annie Last, who forms Silverback-BH. They finished in second place at last year’s ABSA Cape Epic. Furthermore, there is no doubt that this dynamic duo will be worth keeping an eye on. Strauss will also be taking part in the 2018 UCI World Cup.

Lastly, this will be Gluth’s fourth year with the OMX PRO Team, “I am really happy to have another year on Silverback Bikes and I can’t wait to check out the tracks with my new team mates,” says Martin.

SA team announcement: National Team Announced

We are pleased to be partnered with the amazing: Volvo Car SA, Squirt Lube and best4Sports, Uvex and Vye, for these challenging events our teams will be partaking.

Be on the lookout for Team Silverback at the UCI World Cup in Stellenbosch and the ABSA Cape Epic wearing our #BornToBeFast T-Shirts.

Find us:

Facebook: Silverback Bikes. Instagram: @silverbackbikes. Twitter:  @Silverbackbikes

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