Team Bargosa Silverback dominates the podium

This past weekend 8 riders from our Spanish team, Team Bargosa Silverback la Leah raced the Media Marathon MTB Córdoba. This was the 5th edition of this even and as usual the race course was a true test of fitness. Riders had 10km to warm up before a steep 500m climb. The course continued with rolling hills for the next 30km before a 550m technical decent.

The race kicked off at 10am and from the get-go, our athletes where a force to be reckoned with. Jose Sánchez Porras, Juli Robles Lopez, Juan Pedro Trujillo Hernandez and Francisco Antonio Morón stuck together whole way and where the first four athletes to cross the finish line. Morón winning the masters 30 category.

“Thanks to my teams hard work, we can enjoy a joint victory! This gives met great motivation for next weekends race in Villafranca”

Jose Sánchez Porras

Next weekend Team Bargosa Silverback will be racing another half marathon, the AMV Villafranca de Córdoba.

Silverback bikes - Spanish team
Juan Pedro Trujillo (3rd), José Sánchez (1st) and Julián Robles (2nd) crossing the finish line together.
Silverback bikes - Team Bargosa Silverback
Juli Robles and Antonio Garcia takes first and third in the Junior men’s category.

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