Team Bargosa Makes It a Perfect 3

Bargosa Silverback rider, Juan Pedro Trujillo won the last edition of the Clausura Trophy in the XXI Provincial Circuit BTT Diputación de Málaga 2019 in its half marathon this past weekend.

After a great season, Trujillo started off at a very high race pace, and his teammates were quick to fill up the top positions. He does not dispute to have had great competition amongst his racing team.

Team Silverback Racing Bargosa - spain
Sanchez riding close to Trujillo

Riders completed 34,67km and 1316m from Town Hall of Casabermeja. Winner of the 2019 Diputacion de Malaga finished the race in a time of 1:31:23 and reach a speed of 23km/h on his Silverback Superspeed.

Teammate, Bargosa Silverback, Jose Sanchez was quick on the attack.

Team Bargosa Makes It a Perfect 3
34,67km and 1316m

Juan Pedro Trujillo finished as first elite, Jose Sanchez finished second place as first post sub 23 and with a fantastic third position and first master 30, Francisco Antonito, the double champion in the MTB marathon also from Bargosa Silverback to completing the podium. The Bargosa Silverback racing team work well and guarded their position all the way to the end. Trujillo and Sanchez sprinted to the finish line.

Francisco was followed by Miguel Lopez in fifth place and 3rd elite; Victor Casado Santos in tenth place and 5th elite; Jose Antonio Trujillo 3rd CADET; Antonio Sanchez Marmol 3rd master 50 and Juan José Lopez 15th master 50.

Team Silverback Bargosa mtb superspeed
The Elites and Masters of Bargosa Silverback – Spain

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