The Silverback Theatre of Dynamics

The Silverback head office is a forward-thinking innovation centre.

The Silverback head office is a State of the Art Facility based in Germany. Also known as The Theatre of Dynamics, it is the central hub for the designs and development of the brand. We have recently opened this facility to the public, together with offering professional bike services.

The Theater of Dynamics
The Theatre of Dynamics

This upgraded head office showcases over 90 models, covering all riding disciplines, together with our new S-Electro range. 

Theater of Dynamics bike display
Welcome to the Theatre of Dynamics

Silverback focuses on process, design, and especially development. This coupled with the acceleration and advancement of bicycling innovation

One of the key attractions is our Scientific Right Fit Studio. An expertly designed system that helps riders with bike setup for the correct fit. This SRF studio helps a rider produce maximum power while avoiding injury.

Other highlights include:

  • a state-of-the-art cineplex
  • an Advanced Riding Dynamic Studio
  • an ultra-modern factory
  • complete range of Silverback models
  • a photography studio
  • interactive media screens.

German Assembly Lab

The German Test Center and Assembly Lab ensure precision as well as care.  In the Assembly lab, each bicycle gets assembled and thoroughly checked by a professional mechanic. Consequently is to delivering a holistic ‘masterpiece’ to the rider.

The lab also has a product testing area and an E-Bike development centre. Tools that will help our designers continuously improve our product offering.

Whether you are looking for a new bike or just wanting to meet the team, be sure to visit our head office: GOOGLE MAPS

Scientific Right Fit
Scientific Right Fit
Interactive screens
Interactive screens

Find out more about Silverback: HERE

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