What size bike is right for my child?

Choosing the right size bike for your child is the most important.

When you’re selecting a bike for your kid, kids bike sizing is all about the wheels size. Going too big or too small will cause problem for them like balancing and controlling the bicycle.

The perfect geometry, wheel size, and components will make their first mountain bike something special.

How do i choose a bike for my kid - Silverback Bikes


Kids bikes are normally sized to the wheels and not the bike frame. It is vital to know your kid’s measurements to select the right size bike for him or her. Make sure their toes are touching the ground and if they can’t do this – the bicycle is too big.

Check out our general guide to follow which matches thier right bike size. This will help you choose the perfect size bike for your little superhero.

16” Bikes

AGE RANGE: 4 to 6 years. This is designed around a lightweight first “pedal bike for youngsters. The Silverback Skid 16 helps keeps fingers and clothing out of danger, this bike is fitted with a chain-guard and training wheels, giving parents peace of mind. This is the bike to learn how to pedal and as soon as they’re ready, the training wheels can easily be removed. Starting to ride and learning balance couldn’t be easier than with the Skid 16.

20” Bikes

AGE RANGE: 6 to 8 years. The Skid 20 is built for fun! This is the perfect first mountain bike for your kid. With hard wearing, scratch-resistant decals and a 50mm Zoom suspension fork. Featuring 2’3″ knobbly mountain bike tyres and a Shimano 1 X 6 drivetrain, this bike is suitable for riding trails, street, your local pump track or even to school and back. The Skid also features smaller contact points to suit smaller hands and shorter legs and mechanical disc brakes to ensure reliable powerful all-weather braking performance

24” Bikes

AGE RANGE: 8 to 10 years. For 2019 the Spyke range gets a new frame and new geometry. Light and reliable, Spyke is the Ideal “school and back” commuting bike for young riders or you can choose the Skid 24 which is perfect and it will get your kid riding trails in no time.

Scoop Half – Explore the sand dunes in the summer and snowy mountains in the winter with the oversized tyres on the Scoop Half. The Scoop Half has an easy to use single front chainring, making gears selection simpler and easier. The big volume 24″ tyres will absorb trail bumps, and for both function and aesthetics, the Scoop has internal cable routing.

26” Bikes

AGE RANGE: about 10 years and over. For young shredders, the Stride Junior [RED]. Outgrown your 24″ wheels and ready to start shredding trails? The Stride Junior has been tailored to suit the requirements of a smaller rider. The Stride Junior is fitted with a Suntour XCE Suspension fork that has 100mm travel and will soak up all the bumps on the trail but also equipped with integrated fender and rack mounts making it a great choice for commuting. 

Stride Junior Scientifica[BLUE] – has been completely reinvented. The build kit highlights a SRAM Eagle 12speed drivetrain, internal routing, tubeless-ready wheels and tyres, integrated kickstand mount, tapered headset, and progressive trail geometry is unseen in this class making Stride JR a true BIC offering. The Stride JR is a confident descender that handles like a proper trail bike. The Stride JR brings top-end features to the kid’s bikes at the right price.

Stride Junior RC Scientifica [GREY] – Comes with a dropper Post compatibility, a Shimano 21 speed drivetrain, internal routing, tubeless-ready wheels, integrated kickstand mount, tapered headset, and progressive trail geometry are unseen in this class making Stride JR RC a true BIC offering.

Features to look for in a good kids’ bike:

  • Pay attention to weight
  • Don’t buy a bike for a child to ‘grow into’ – it’ll gather dust and quality kids’ bikes hold their value in resale anyway
  • Look for bikes with contact points – grips, brake levers and saddles that are child specific, smaller and easier to us
silverback size chart kids bikes

Choosing the best kids’ bike for your child is a serious business. If it’s your child’s first bike, you want to make sure the machine you opt for will provide them with a good introduction to the world of cycling.

Our bikes are safe, comfortable and competitive, with out clearing out your bank account completely.


2 thoughts on “What size bike is right for my child?

  1. Thank you for sharing the information for selecting the rite size bike, however i feel that you should state at which point the seat height must be at, that would be more appropriate in helping people to make the rite choice in size selection for their bike.

    1. Thank you for visiting our site. We have included a kid’s size chart, It will help.

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