Why You Are Never Too Old To Ride A E-Bike

Remember the excitement you had of riding a bicycle as a child? Who said those days are over? Anyone can now enjoy the thrill of riding a bike again with the Silverback Electric bicycle range. The entire S-Electro range features easy-to-use drive systems, so anyone can use it. 

This relatively new platform has given riders with limited capabilities the opportunity to feel healthier and like a kid again. Riders trying out an e-bike for the first time, always come back with a smile on their face, describing the experience as exhilarating and unlike anything they have ridden before.

Recently, we have received an e-bike review from 74-year old Hugh Smith who had just upgraded to the S-Electro Comp. Smith has been dealing with a leg injury for several years now but believes his S-Electro Comp will keep him cycling for many years to come.

74 year old on silverback e bike
74-year old Hugh Smith from the UK

“I am very happy with my choice.” – Hugh Smith

Smith has recently relocated from the U.K. to South Africa. He made the decision to retire together with his wife and wanted to enjoy their journey in a different location. After being a Company Director for about 23 years, it was time to switch off and make a transition.

Happy Days

After being off the bicycle for close to 32-years Smith decided that it was time to enjoy his retirement and get back to his “old ways”.

“I use to ride a lot of motorbikes for pleasure and use to be very active in my younger days,” he adds.

Silverback S-Electro COMP.

So far, he has completed about 400km in under 2 months, “I enjoy the fresh air and to hang out with my S-Electro MTB.

“Doing so improved my health and the quality of life so much,” he elaborates.

E-bikes are especially capturing the older market, many of whom have found that e-bikes enable them to ride much later in life than they previously imagined. That’s because the extra push from the motor makes pedaling far less strenuous than traditional bikes. 

Only a couple of years ago, e-bikes seems to be an unnecessary toy for those too lazy to pedal up the hill. Now, these bikes have become a popular way to speed up your commute, extend your adventures and ultimately get more people on bicycles.

S-Electro Comp brings SB’s Best In Class philosophy to the e-bike market.


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