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Always better. No Compromises.

Silverback with the support of experienced information technology, formulations, process design and analysis specialists are able to offer the best bikes one can get, defined by 5 metrics.

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SINCE 2004

Silverback, Located in Stuttgart, Germany, with Global Operations in 4 locations. The brand has evolved into one of the worlds fastest Growing Global Bike brands , focused on developing Proprietary product , by the best minds, using the best technology. Our Revolutions on the outside has rapidly gained recognition. Silverback is now Available in 52 Countries, and has won many Global Design Awards and Winning World Cup Races.


Silverback was founded with the persistent belief to do the Right things. To offer the Right Product, at the Right Price . In our evolution , we’ve managed to remain true to our companies mission to Create a company with a sense of value. We create- we innovate, we dedicate our time to build a brand for the People. Our promise To capture the hearts of the people with Inspiring designs with great function and in its purist forms.

RACE Winning Bikes

AWARD Winning Brand

Silverback design ethos is make bikes better through passion, Applied Science and the relentless pursuit of Advanced Riding Dynamics.

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